India wins T20 world cup!!!

We knocked out the daylights out of Pakistan to win the first ever T20 World cup...Cant find the words to express myself...the adrenaline is still flowing through my veins...My palms are hurting from all the clapping I have done in the last 2 hours...Not much blood going to my brain now...The noise of crackers is deafening here in Mulund...The crowd has gone berserk...There are kids on the street howling...though I hate so much noise nd howling, I just cant stop howling myself...

India fans watch the World Twenty20 final on a giant TV screen erected at Amritsar, ICC World Twenty20 final, Johannesburg, September 24, 2007
I ran the queue for the bus today while returning from office today so tht I wont lose the start of the match...Quite unlikely of me and others since recently the interest in cricket has decreased(there were a lot others who jumped the line). And what a match it has been...Some good bowling from Pakistani bowlers saw India scoring a mediocre score of 157. On on pitch tht was a belter anything less than 180 was gettable...
Pakistan got off to a flyer, lost its way in the middle overs and gave India the jitters in the final overs..Some good bowling from the Indians saw them through..

One thing tht you wud notice bout this side is tht it is Fearless... A good captain is the one who injects his personality into his team... Dhoni has done just tht!! Just makes me think if he is the captain tht India need...A young side whom no one gave a are the World Champions! Wonder when was the last time we looked tht good...2003 World Cup I guess...

Irfan Pathan grabbed two wickets in an over as India held their nerve to win the ICC World Twenty20 final by five runs, India v Pakistan, ICC World Twenty20 final, Johannesburg, September 24, 2007
Wonder what these two young men, the Pathan brothers must be thinking ... They must have led their team to victories in the gully matches tht they wud have played as kids...who wud hav thought they wud feature in the team tht wud win a world cup final!!!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni answers questions from the media on the eve of the ICC World Twenty20 final, Johannesburg, September 23, 2007
Dhoni will tell his grandchildren tht he captained the side tht won the T20 World cup...Yuvraj would brag to his friends about his 6*6s while gulping down Patiala pegs when he gets 60 yrs old.. RP would narrate stories bout his line and length...

The best thing about this tournament is tht there is no single player responsible for this victory...Everyone has played a part somewhere...

Its was only a 20-20 tournament...But we really needed this cup...We really did...!!
India celebrate victory at the end of the ICC World Twenty20 final, Johannesburg, September 24, 2007

India celebrate victory at the end of the ICC World Twenty20 final, Johannesburg, September 24, 2007

Dhoni and co - Thankyou for the memories....

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4 letters to the editor:

    Yeah that was a match worth watching. but my work was much more needed. I was working while india was fighting against the pakistan. i just got to see the final 2 overs! But those tho overs were worth the watch!!

    well....a really gr8 match indeed...history...and i truly hope it repeats future)
    btw, i hope this edition of urs doesnt go to the ESPN ppl, coz i hv the entire match recorded (total copyright violation)... i also hv the recording of the highlights of the India-Pak tied group stage match wid the bowlout....i hv shared the final match video on my company Lan, and the ppl hv gone bonkers... the Infosystems guys r having real trouble monitoring the data flow....hehe......

    Even one of my friends Akshay(hes on my blogroll) got only 2 overs to watch...we proud of guys lik u nd akshay

    PPl at ESPN dont read!! They are too busy disecting Bhajji's turban tieing style!
    But the Infosystem guys at ur firm do read this...he haw haw *evil grin!

    On September 30, 2007 at 6:00 PM     
    sirpy said...

    Yeah.. Seriously, amazing match.. Except for Malik's comments of course...