Paneer Hakka Noodles!

Yesterday, I had 1 medium and 1 small Smokin joe’s pizza for breakfast, lunch and diner. I ate so much that even my sweat smells of cheeze.

Observation 1: Too much of anythin…is bad.

Observation 2: Pls stick to Pizza Hut. Smokin Joe’s suck!

Talking of suck, you know what else sucks? SPCE mess… I used to wonder why they call it “mess” …. Now, it seems no other name would suit it better! We changed the anna (no, not Anna kournikova) three times…For the uninitiated, anna is what the mess manager is lovingly(?) called. This anna is usually a southie from…er…the south! Till a few years ago, only shettys had a monopoly over being anna(Did you know is Suniel Shetty is also lovingly called anna?). But now, any dark guy worth his sambhar is called anna. What the heck, we even had a classmate(Rohit Nadgiri) whom ppl started calling anna!

But its not about SPCE mess, its about Paneer Hakka Noodles

The best chinese dish ever tasted by man! Well, actually its the best chinese dish ever tasted by me, but I am a MAN !

But let me warn you, there arent a lot of places where you can get this dish. If you are any place near andheri or Bhavan’s college, Shyam Sunder is the place to go! Its just outside the Bhavan’s main gate. Its a small and cozy place with prices tht wont hurt your pocket. At Rs.40 a plate, this dish is a winner! If you have an acquiantaince, you can divide 1-by-2. The serving is generous! Its quite filling too. Wash the whole thing down with Mangola….or Thumbs Up if you wanna look macho and all! But seriously dude, how is a soft drink make you look macho? You know its a “soft” drink :)

Btw,Vrindavan, which is opp. to Shyam sunder, looks good from the outside but the chinese is not very good. I would suggest Vrindavan’s lassi. If you are lucky, you might find small time TV actors lurking around!

P.S.- Shyam sunder did not offer this writer a free plate of Paneer Hakka Noodles. And even if he did, why should anyone care! :)

Note: I noticed tht there were many buttons I didnt use enough. I have tried everything in this post. Its pretty colourful,huh?

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Some girls just get better!

Before you read the following post, read this post - Top 5

I was watching TV (what else do you expect me to do? Its raining outside and I am not much of a football fan.)

So, while I was watching TV, I came across this new show…er…actually its an old show - Who’s the Boss? Yeah the one with Tony Danza. Tony works as a housekeeper for Angela. Tony’s daughter Samantha(the girl with flashy smile in th b/w pic) stays with him.

Now its very rare tht I shud like a girl so much and tht too in 2-D…I had only liked Jodie sweetin(Full House)

as much as I liked Samantha…

Samantha seemed very familiar. This was inspite of the fact tht I was watching this sitcom for the first time!I had seen her before….But where? Internet to the rescue! I found Samantha’s real name was…..Alyssa Milano!

As you might have read in the Top 5 post link I had given at the start of this post, she is on the top of my list!!

Btw, this is how she looks today!!

She just keeps getting better and better!

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I cant do this all on my own…coz I am no…I m noooo…Superman!!
-Scrubs(title track)


I have been watching a lot of TV lately (I got nothing else to do!).I have a lot of favourite shows, but the one I insist you watch is SCRUBS.

Scrubs is a sitcom about Doctors.Now, dont imagine ER…Its not about patients, its about doctors. Actually its about the life of interns(the word’s derived from internship, duh?!). Its also about how their guides(PG docs) and the Dean treat them like shit. Its a journey through the eyes of JD, who is an intern at Sacred Heart hospital(the name of the hospital in scrubs). The treatment of the topic is exactly what makes it so lovable..

I maybe an engineer(Well, almost engineer …since the results arent out yet.) but as most engineers would agree, our lives are shit too! Maybe we earn more(starting salaries of doctors are nothing to write home about) Maybe we dont have to study tht much and maybe when we get our PhDs, we are called doctor too, but hey, what the heck? We dont want a PhD to be by our side when we get a heart attack(and believe me mate, the way we are screwing our lifestyles, we hav sure signed up for one…). We want you guys.

Sorry….. I drifted frm the topic…

Coming from a family of Doctors(and engineers) I know exactly what goes on in a Hospital… Things work in pretty much the same fashion in Sacred heart Hospital(the hospital in Scrubs. kitne baar bataon?)as they do in India.

Scrubs is not just hahaha, like all good sitcoms it has a bit of rona-dhona too. Its just tht here it seems so right, so important, like its a part of the story…part of our story.

Like there was this episode-
JD: I wanna be like you
Dr. Cox:You wanna be like me? I barely wanna be me!



Watch scrubs at 5:30 pm or 12 midnight [IST](Star World)

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I bought a 29 inch Sony Wega last week…Its a small step for any other man but its a giant leap for Arshat! You see, I was using Onida (21 inches, 1990 model) to keep my visual cortex busy. But the only “colour” tht my Onida showed was Green!! Btw, whats with Onida? I mean showing people throwing their TVs out of the balcony?? Wht happened to good old conventional advertising? According to Onida, the marketing campaign worked for them(thanks to ppl like me).

As a kid I wanted to see my neighbours turn green…However as time passed, the only thing tht turned green was my TV screen…

After 17 yrs of a loving relationship, which recently had turned sour(or shud I say - Green ;)) , I filed for divorce.

Size mattered the last time I checked, so I went for 29 inches. It was a toss betn LG and Sony, family members wanted a Sony…So, Sony it was…

There is an Old saying in arabic … “Walah! agar life tumko petroleum deti….toh petrol banati…” which crudely translated means - “When life gives you lemons make lemonade”. So when life gave me a 29 inch Sony wega…I decided to make a home theatre…So, bought a Tata Sky. Believe me mate, its amazing…! Isko laga dala toh life zingalala!

Any questions about Tata sky? I ll be glad to answer SONY Tell-a-Friend
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You guys must be wondering were the heck was I…Actually I know, some of you must be rejoicing tht you might not have to read the junk tht I dish out every few days…But rejoice no more! I am back! *Evil Grin*

My Family deserved a Holiday but for the lack of casual leave, we had to go with a sasta and tikaao option. I like the Sun n Sand (no, not the hotel, cant afford it).I mean I like beaches…The beaches we considered were Alibaug, Mandwa, Kihim and Murud.

We had been to Alibaug once…While Mandwa and Kihim were booked…Infact, every time I called a hotel in one of these beaches to check for booking they gave me a - dont you know we are always full on weekends - snarl!

Speaking in Konkani did not help…As it turned out most of the Hotels were owned by Southies. Btw, I dont know Konkani per se…But speaking Konkani is damn easy, just replace “ra” in marathi by “la” and you ll be just fine.

I got fedup of calling Hotels and made a call tht I should have made long ago. You guessed it right! The call to my Travel Agent. He got me a room at Shoreline Resort,Murud.

How to reach there: (Yeah,its gonna be like one of those travel shows). Simple! Take a ST (State transport) from Mumbai(Stops at Mulund,Borivali,Thane,Panvel)
to Murud.

Actually, its slightly more complex…Take a ST, start feeling sick, throw up at Panvel, jump down the bus at Alibaug, pay a rickshaw an exorbitant sum, get down at Murud, count your bones(there are 206 of them), get inside the resort.

Where to stay: I stayed at Shoreline resorts. Try to get a room at Golden Swan (previously owned by MTDC). Its probably the best resort in Murud. Btw, if you are at shoreline, dont mis the view from the Terrace of the Hotel, its amazing. We spent a lot of time there.

What to eat: FOOD! hahaha…er..sorry.
A lot of choice for the non-veg guys, if your preference is veg(like mine), well, bring your tiffin along. Note tht Shoreline is the only Pure veg. hotel in the vicinity.

What’s good: The view is to die for, esp. if you rent a room on the 3rd floor. Also, the beach is not crowded. If you hate crowds, which you should if you are a true Mumbaite, this place is heaven. Its almost like a private beach.

What’s not: The beach!!…I m sure you didnt see tht coming. The problem is tht there are large traces of Oil in the sea water. While it may not sound very threating to people who swim at Juhu beach, its not exactly what you have in mind for Murud.
A little research led us into believing tht ONGC had a petroleum extraction plant nearby which was the cause for all this oil.
If beach is what you want, you should visit Ganpatipule. Its probably the best in Maharashtra.

1.Pls visit Kashid beach (approx 15 km frm murud). Its beautiful.
2.It would be really smart if you could get your own vehicle.
3.Dont care about Petrol, you can fill in the sea water, your vehicle would run just fine!

Btw,the cancerian in me urged me to swim! And I did swim! We found this patch which was far from the main beach, but the water here was really clean. It started to rain while I was swimming. It was amazing. Those fifteen mins made the entire trip worth it.

…Now only if we could take better care of what nature blessed us with.

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Those were the days

I met my Bandodkar* friends today - Rohit gadre, Omkar Godbole, Chetanya Athale. There is something really cool about our friendship! Cant put my finger on it, but I always feel so refreshed when I meet them!

Let me describe this crazy bunch-

Rohit Gadre: One of my best friends. Amazingly witty…He can make you laugh even while you are cutting an Onion….well…er..bad example..really really bad example. What I mean is - tht he is damn funny! He is well informed on almost every subject and can comment on any topic under the sky.He is so candid about everything tht u cant help laughing. Hes extremely shy and takes ages to open up to you(hes like me in this respect). Does not believe in over exerting(so unlike me). If he wants it, he believes he will get it! The best part is tht he lets me win any two player games we play - and acts like he lost coz I was too good for him…I enjoy it nevertheless :)

Omkar Godbole: Hello! Arshat? Ha ganit solve kar!(thts Marathi for - try and solve this maths problem). I remember we used to spend hours on phone discussing Physics and Maths problems(this was way back in 11th and 12th…I dont remember doing this in Engg.). Has got the most amazing memory…he can memorise phone nos., mobile nos., what the heck, he can even memorise cheat codes!!? I guess,he should be the brand ambassador for “konkanasth Brahmins” if they ever want one!

Chetanya Aathle: Hes into Aeronautical engg., so we have a lot to talk about(Since I am in mech, and mech and aero are pretty similar…Actually they are sisters or should we call them brothers coz these branches are so masculine). He is pretty cool too! You must listen to him while he narrates his experiences in Air India(he is a trainee there). He has a lot of info on ATRs, 737s, Hangars, aviation fuel, canteen, carrom, F1,etc. etc. A man for all seasons!

P.S. Some more data on the crazy bunch!

Rohit is doing MSc in botany…Omkar has completed his IT engg frm Vivekanand…Chetanya has to give his final exams

*B.N.Bandodkar is a college in Thane. Had the best time of my life there! Wish we could always be together!

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We saw S@L (Shootout at Lokhandwala, pls excuse the engg. lingo!)

The censorship in India is funny… Take for instance this movie we saw….. By now everyone who was born after 1975(Sholay A.D.) should know tht there is a song in the movie which goes- “We are the bhais….we are the bhais!!”

I know this song byheart(amazing isnt it? I can never byheart answers, but songs-they are on the tip of my tongue!). How did I byheart the song? I didnt ! It plays so many times on Radio Mirchi tht it just stuck!There are some words used in the song which most people would find objectionable-for eg-

“Bhai hoon main bhai koi fikar na kar, uske maa ki uske bhen ki jo dekhe idhar!”

Now this is objectionable. Censor this if you want. But no…this song plays on every radio station in its full glory.

Here is the interesting bit- When the song was played in the movie the lyrics were changed to-

“Bhai hoon main bhai koi fikar na kar, uski aise uski taise jo dekhe idhar”

I choose to watch an A-rated movie. But I have no control what they telecast on Radio. Shouldnt the song tht plays on the Radio be censored? Why censor the song in the movie? I mean Vivek Oberoi plays a gangster…he has the license to swear! Strange are the ways of the Censorboard!!!

P.S. I have nothing against the song. Infact I find it really cool!

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Its 11:30 in the night. I have an exam tomorrow. Its the last exam of my engg. life…

I have been studying for nearly 10 hrs daily for the last 20 days. Guess you have to pay a price for not preparing right from the start of the Sem. All those budding enggs, take note.

You will be reading the posts of a full-fledged Engineer from tomorrow onwards….

signed… Almost Engineer!

Update:Due to a power cut last night I was not able to publish this post…I wanna swear,but I guess I am in too good a mood to do tht. Exams got over today. Engineering is over……….

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