Plan and effect!

I am sitting here at the Delhi Airport, waiting for the next flight for Mumbai... I cant help but replay the 8 months that I have spent in MDI.

My work there is done. I have the MDI degree. Quite frankly, I didnt think I would be able to. I would be lying if I say that I didnt think about running off from Delhi into the cosy, humid confines of Mumbai everytime MDI pushed me into a corner and boxed the daylights out of me. It is BY FAR the TOUGHEST MBA course in the country. We read these posts about IIM guys trying to justify how tough their life is, and end up laughing... If this course had gone for another 8 months, (along with some basic physical training) we would have been ready to take down the entire Al Quaeda Army or something.

I remember what all I had planned before I cam here. Some plans:

-Will watch one movie everyday.
-Will watch lots of sitcoms
-Will learn to play tennis
-Will go running around the campus every morning (I later changed it to evening, who ll get up in the morning yaar?)
-Will try to learn, rather than score marks
-Will get to know more about the culture of Delhi
-Will learn more about people in Delhi
-Will be a better friend
-Will be the coolest guy I know (I have always been that)
-Will try out new things
-Will try local cuisine

Now lets see if the plans materialized or not. Some effects:
-Watch one movie everyday??! I would consider myself lucky if I could see one in a week. The schedule is killing. Sleep doesnt come easy even to someone like me who values it a lot!
-Well, I did manage to watch a few seasons of a couple of sitcoms.
Fell in love with 'That 70s show' and 'Seinfeld'. Saw a bit of Scrubs too.
- Learn to play tennis? Just got enough time for a game. Nailed a German friend of mine in that game. Okay, thats a lie. I am awesome, but not Rajnikanth.
-Hmm.. I did run around the campus, but to submit reports, assignments etc.
-I did a better job of learning than what I did in engineering. Infact, I am kinda proud of myself :)
-Got to know the culture of Delhi... loved it..
-Got to know the people, loved them even more.
-I think this time I was better friend than what I normally have. I will leave this one for the friends at MDI.
-I AM the coolest guy I know, so no surprises there.
-Tried out a lot of new things... lots..
-fell in love with the local cusine - rajma chawal, kadhi chawal, paneer kulcha, tandoori parathe, steamed sweet potates, veg momos, wai-wai, chole bature etc etc

So, some of my plans have been realized, others not. The ones requiring time, have been difficult to realize.

What is the point of this post? Abbe? Har time story hi chahiye kya? Sometimes hamari bhi sun liya karo!

Anyway, time for my flight.

Take care. Have fun.
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