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Face lift!!
Yeah... My blogs got a face lift.. And I am the Plastic surgeon(sounds cool ) behind this fab work!
(Hilary duffs Pic below is just to make sure you read atleat some parts of this post :P)

The template I had a few days ago was one of a kind but I was bored with some much dark green (or bottle green as girls wud call it) in the background and wanted something white, Simi Grewalish white...

It took me about 40 manhours to design this template completely. The main structure is "inspired" from's Auto template. But it seemed to impersonal...too unarshatish.. So, I had to come up with this!

So what do we have here?
I wanted the diary-feel so I have kept tht area intact. Actually I have tweaked it a lot! Top and bottom margins, padding, line height are some of the things you have to take into consideration. For a mech engg like me, who has trouble even with C and C++, Css stylesheet was gonna be difficult, real difficult.
With a lil help from Pushkar and Sameer and a lot of Trial testing, I have almost achieved wht I had set out to achieve. :)

The header could hav been better, I agree, but its not me, if its not shabby :P...

All these days I have really missed blogging(stop rejoiceing, I am back!). Revamping your blog takes a lotta time.
Point to be noted: I dont have a lotta Computer Engg as friends. I should do something bout that! It would have been less frustating(yeah thts the word) with a Comp sci guy by my side..

Now tht I have the template back in place, I ll be blogging more often *evil grin*

There is so much I wanna bore you guys with...I wanna talk bout how the xml collapsed and how coding sucks and stuff, but I guess I ll keep it for another day..I am too tired anyways..

Well for guys who wud wanna have this template follow this link.
I wudnt mind if someone wud like to make donation for the Arshat Chaudhary foundation for lazy engineers (Believe me, this is your chance to give back to the society) Know-thy-self Blogger TemplateSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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4 letters to the editor:

    On February 20, 2008 at 2:32 AM     
    Anonymous said...

    I still don't like the header. Frankly...i will ransack your blog if u don't work on it in the next 48000 hours (thats about 5 and a half years, don't think i have put a random number, i have done the calculations and given you those many arshat hours to work and give a good template, Taj Mahal was not built in 40 arshat hours).
    till then i am ready to help you in making a cleaner header.

    On February 20, 2008 at 12:13 PM     
    aroop said...

    Hilary Duff is not quite old enough so
    I ain't never seen a butt like that
    Maybe next year I'll say ass and she'll make my pee pee go
    Doing, doing, doing

    - Eminem (Ass like that)

    Off-topic:- btw, did i tell you what great music Nickelback make?

    Taj Mahal kahan se aaya? This is a blog tht we are talking about.. I had the Taj built, be rest assured the work wud be patchy!!
    48000 hours..ah..bahut time hai :P

    I have heard tht..i didnt get it back then, i mean so wht if she is young? and shes as old as us, so she aint THAT young! or mebbe Eminem is getting old..

    Yeh, I know Nickelback are good..
    I hav heart their Spiderman OST, I hav a blog bout it for "A Hero is born"