Anti-maths Girl!

"Oh, I hate Maths, not that i m not good at it, I just dont like it.."
"hmm.. I kinda knew tht you were not a Maths girl.."
"Oh, whats a maths girl?"
"A Maths girl is the one who likes maths, they are kinda tomboyish and aggressive, u knw,they r not tht girlie.."
"hmm.. i see.. everything tht i am not?"
"Yeah :).. right! You are an Anti-Maths girl"
"hahaahahaha....And wht r they supposed to be like?"

hmm... Over that conversation, I realised I had identified one of species of the female kingdom.(bravo!)

Defn: An Anti- Maths girl is the one who is so by the virtue of not liking Maths, not necessarily because shes not good at it.. This kinda girl can be found outside most medical, biotech, bioinformatics colleges...Usually found where Biology rocks and Maths sucks, or simply where Maths sucks idea

I have come to like them over the years.. Now that maybe coz there arent a lotta maths girls around, even if there are they are pretty much like us, and lets accept it, "us" arent that interesting.. "Us" are geeks, we are emotionally dyslexic(wht a term, ah.. genius), films like Kuch Kuch hota hai are as boring as calculus, come to think of it, calculus aint half as boring as KKHH lol

So, I was wondering what makes me like the Anti-Maths girl..and this is what I came up with..

They are pretty! Yeah, very important trait tht mrgreen
And not only they are pretty, even their handbags, cellphone covers, pens, nail-polish, notebooks are pretty.. There is an overdose of colour there, and most of it is pink.. Ofcourse, its not just pink, its called "baby pink".. Theres something with these girls, they have to actually identify the shade of the colour.. So the pendant that she is wearing is not blue, but "turquoise"... Now wasnt turquoise supposed to be an animal? The one which goes into its shell when it senses danger and stuff? Oh wait,... thts tortoise!!mrgreen

The kurti that shes wearing isnt brown, its "peach".. Peach? Peach is a fruit girl, NOT a colour!
Talking bout colours, anti-maths girls are the ones who can carry off "electric green" nailpolish on Tuesday, and replace it with "shocking pink" on Wednesday.. Btw, it looks good on them..

While we are still on colour, dont take an anti-math girl to shop with u..
"What coloured T-shirts you like.."
"er.. me? Well.. black and white, then brown, navy blue.."
(Looks at you bewildered)
"Those are not even colours!!"
bwahahahaha..everyone(including the salesgirls) laugh laugh...mad

And whats with the rings these girls wear.. they can wear one in every finger of their hand(including the thumb) and it still doesnt look that bad.. Actually it looks nice.. there is something bout metal and girls, cant explain in words.. But metal touching a girls skin is such a er.. ahem.. sexy sight.. But seriously, when you see men wearing ear studs or thumb rings, they look like, well, ugly..

Its not just the way they dress that we like, its also how they make you feel when they are around.. Like when they laugh even at your silly jokes.. I dont know how, but evolution figured it out I guess, and somehow allowed men to access the hidden reserves of humour inside them when a girl is around..

Its weird, but I feel when a man says he misses a girl, he actually misses her laughing at his jokes.. Its the most wonderful sound, guys should be allowed to tape the laughs of the girls they like and listen to it when they are down or alone..

Its funny what maths can do to your Emotional Quotient.. It just messes the emotional part of the brain... There are times when you dont understand why are you feeling so messed up and they can actually tell you what you are feeling and why in words that you never had in your vocabulary..

Most of these girls are smarter than us for sure, but they will never make you realise that.. They let you win arguments and two-player xbox games that you force them to play.. They use "how cute" and "how sweet" in every 5th sentence, and you try and find out what statement of yours made her say tht.. You make a mental note of tht statement and say it everytime you meet her only so tht you can get a "how sweet" again..

hmm.. there... I said almost everything I know bout the Anti-maths girl.. One of my frds got into a Phd prog today.. Now only if they had Anti maths girl as a topic of research.. Research sounds more fun when you like the subject, nahi?
Dr.Arshat Chaudhary, and how cool wud that sound.. wink

I thank all my guy friends for sharing their experiences over the years..

Disclaimer: No girls, Anti-maths or otherwise have been hurt in the process of this research...twisted Anti-maths Girl!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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9 letters to the editor:

    On July 7, 2008 at 5:08 PM     
    aroop said...

    i'm yet to figure out, how can anybody not like maths, and before you form the mistaken opinion of me as yet another math loving NERD, you talk to arshat..

    and btw arshat, neha loves maths, isn't tomboyish, loves the pink and those nailpolishes and bags and all the shit that tags along with a Anit-Math girl :P

    knew more exmaples, but i wanted to use the girl we both know..

    On July 9, 2008 at 1:10 PM     
    Srinivas said...

    wah!! what a research

    On July 10, 2008 at 2:16 PM     
    Srinivas said...

    Yes pretty good research work you did, interesting...

    On July 10, 2008 at 2:17 PM     
    Srinivas said...

    Yes pretty good research work you did, interesting...


    Aroop you are a maths loving NERD.. The biggest I have known :P (This is my blog and I can say anything I want.. Want to tell ur side of story? - Get ur own blog :P)

    Well, aroop is not a nerd..and Neha isnt tomboyish, act shes pretty girlie for an engineer..

    But mate, my girls are in a girlie league of their own(no offence to neha)

    And so tht you feel better, lets just say, Neha is an exception..happy?

    Thanks yaar.. u liked it so much tht u posted the same comment 3 times??
    cool yaar... :P

    On October 26, 2008 at 11:01 AM     
    Nupur said...

    Anti Maths Girl...!! I loved the defn!! And I second you when you mentioned that Maths retards your emotional capablities!!

    going by ur blog, seems u arent too fond of maths either :P
    Too much of maths, just like salt is injurious to health

    On October 27, 2008 at 4:17 PM     
    Anonymous said...

    Really a great research.........lolz