I am not among those ppl who would post Urdu poems on their blog...Infact I hate sms shayaris...But there are some of my majnu friends who have blood relatives in Airtel....They somehow keep sending me all these "Tere naam" type shayaris.. Now, me being a nice guy tht I am, I cant ask them to remove me off their messaging lists.

But the other day, I read this sms tht my friend sent me...

I am gonna write it below...Read it slowly...Try and picture it, u wud like it tht way..

Uski ankho mein mohobbat ki chamak aaj bhi hai..

Use mere pyaar pe shak aaj bhi hai...

Naav mein baithkar dhoye the haath kabhi usne...

Saare talab mein mehndi ki mahek aaj bhi hai....

For my readers in the US, UK, France and Italy - here is the somewhat crude translation

Her eyes sparkle with my love still
She aint sure bout it though
Her hands touched the lake waters once
It fragrances of mehndi* still...


Pardon my utter disregard for Urdu and English grammar.
Man, I suck at English poems..

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4 letters to the editor:

    On October 30, 2007 at 5:43 PM     
    Anonymous said...

    Nice shayari arshat. This post has come after a long gap. where are you these days. Has work taken a toll of you!!

    Work hasnt taken toll da, but i guess when u r satisfied u arent creative.
    I rarely think nowadays, thts why i have been gone for long..nuthin much tht catches my imagination these days.
    But i ll be back with more stuff to bore you guys!

    On July 9, 2008 at 1:09 PM     
    Anonymous said...

    kuch palkan uttey ruk gaye ne,
    kuch gallan uttey sukk gaye ne,

    Oh kenda tenu koi dukh nahi vichdan da,
    mein kiven dassa ki hun hanju hi mere mukk gaye ne….

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    Urdu Shayari
    Hindi Shayari
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    On February 12, 2012 at 1:21 PM     
    Anonymous said...

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