SPCE Lingo!

This is a incomplete list of the lingo that we spceians use!U can ADD ur own in the Comments

ORIGIN: Hindi language
MEANING: Literal meaning is - to forgive… Actual meaning depends on
the usage…
*Lecture maaf karte hain?? => shud we bunk the lecture?

Meaning also depends on the user…for eg:
Gavrav: Big show ka assign kiya?
Rahul bhat: maaf=>I tried but did not get the ans
Chetan: maaf=>I saw the ques but did not try.
Apte: maaf=>Submission next week..7 days to go..lot of time to complete
Arshat: maaf=> What assign is he talking about??! Never heard bout it!!

ORIGIN: Hindi lang. (Origin goes back to 1896 when the first railway tracks were laid in mumbai)
MEANING: U Shud know!!
Akash: main ek joke bolu?
Abhijit: haga!
Akash: arre pehle sun toh!
Abhijit: haga!
Akash: ………
Abhijit: haga!!!

ORIGIN: Hinglish(origin dates back to the birth of Himesh Reshmaiya)
MEANING: Difficult to put in words… it shud be felt…
Gala: Bhai!
Sid: shot mat de saale!
Arshat: Sid!
Sid: shot mat de saale!
Abhijit: Bhai!
Sid: shot mat de saale!+ ganda joke marna bannd kar!

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