Swept off his feet...

There comes a time in your life when some girl will sweep you off your feet, his Grandpa used to say. That is what grownups say when you ask them why they married the one they did...

There was this girl at his place, tall, pretty, shy, the works... He was swept off his feet the very first time she walked into the room.
Just out of college she was.This was probably her first job. She had a tough time taking care of her saree. She must have been used to wearing Tshirts and jeans, poor girl had to wear sarees here. But most guys like traditional wear on their girls and so did he... She kept her hair open and it kept falling over her face. And then she would have to tuck it behind her ear.

He was so shy of her. He would look at her all day long and she would think hes so attentive. He acted all boyish and awkward, it was like he was in the 3rd grade again..

He had never met a girl this pretty in the last 8 years! She was perfect! All of a sudden getting up early seemed cool, for that was the way he could meet the girl he had been dreaming about last night.. The 5 hours spent around her were the best 5 hours in his day..

He so wanted to tell her how he felt.. But he had no guts then, he wonders if he still has any.. The best way for guys like him is to write it down on a piece of paper and give it to her to read. He was no poet, but they say when in love, even lines thrown in together sound good.

He wrote it in his notebook, on the last page. No one reads the last page he thought... No one does, but she did..
She laughed as she read it..

Now come on! whats funny there!! Its how he felt! So hes no poet! Maybe he sucks at poetry, but thts does not give her the right to laugh like that at someones feelings.. He thought he shouldn't have written that poetry or the piece of crap that it was.. Maybe she was just like all the other girls, maybe she was no different...

"Aaaww..thts so sweet of you", she said after she finished what seemed like the mother of all laughathalons..

What? sweet? nice! she must have liked my poetry! he thought

"Well.. I would like to meet your mom tomorrow", she said, still smiling..
What? why? Now shes gonna complain to my mom? She was being such a kid..

Anyways, he took his mom to school the next day...
"Your son loves me!", she said..
They both looked at him and started laughing...
"He does? He never told me about it!", his mom said.
"Yeah! Lets hope he marries me when he grows up!!", she said and they both started laughing.. This one lasted more than the last laughathalon!

"By the way, your son writes really good poetry for a 3rd grader", she smiled and lovingly gave him a peck on the cheek...
And all he could do is blush... like a 8 year old does, coz thts what he was...an eight year old...

But you know whats amazing bout this story?........ The 8 yr old went on to remember all this 14 years down the line...

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7 letters to the editor:

    On February 27, 2008 at 8:01 PM     
    Anonymous said...

    Hmm. Flirting that too at a age of 8 year. good going. Would love to read that poem.

    The story is great and i am sure the now you love more gals of your age than the someone older than ya!!

    On March 2, 2008 at 8:29 AM     
    Unknown said...

    that was such an adorable little story (and i loved the way u built up the suspense.....i wouldn't have guessed it was an 8 yr old) :)

    On March 2, 2008 at 8:15 PM     
    Chriz said...

    hehehe... gud one... do you still have contacts with the teacher?

    I dunno re.. I mean I still like the older ones(though there r very few women in this category)
    Like they say, some girls only get better with age! :)

    Glad you liked it! :)

    The story is not about me mate! its about some one else... yeah..right :P

    Soo cute! And so well written!