Traffic Signal

Saw traffic signal with a different bunch of friends yesterday!
Ameya,Bohite,Akshay(the coolest of all),Suril(the most colourful of all),Hitesh and myself set on a voyage to watch this movie...I call it a voyage coz of the travelling we had to do!We must have checked all multiplexes of andheri,I guess...
The prices tht these multiplexes quote are absurd to say the least!
After paying a visit to Fun,Fame and cinemax(andheri),we finally settled for cinemax(goregaon).Thts a good half an hour frm Andheri..The rates were exciting,60/- only!(However,the lack of legroom killed the excitement)

Now about the movie-The first half is gripping.There are about 85 characters(And we were cursing salaam-e-ishq),all fighting for some reel time!What you get is a medley of sorts and u cant make the head or tail of it.
However you tend to believe tht the characters will get connected in some manner in the 2nd half and tht keeps you interested...

The dialogues are really interesting...actually the dialogues r the only saving grace of the movie!The rawness tht is so characteristic of bhandarkar is always there!Bcoz of this rawness,what u get is raw,half-baked characters...

After the movie,you come out searching for a story and an ending..
Corporate had an unfinished ending too,but most of us bought tht coz the story was so damn intresting...Here there is no story,U cant just make a movie based on performances.On the topic of performances,Khemu rocks!
Tht new girl who gets a lot of footage on BT is OK..Sudhir mishra should stick to directing or whatever he does...(makes the character of don seem comic!)
All-in-all, a so-so movie,mainly becoz of the high stds set by bhandarkar himself!
Dont expect a corporate and you will come out happy!

[P.S.-Saw Rajpal Yadav at cinemax,is pretty chilled out!
Also wud like to add tht I was the pillon rider on Suril's Pulsar...
He abuses his bike!I mean,the liberal use of accl and braking is bound to f*** the engine!We even raced a Merc S-class and won!It was thrilling!However,the next time I wanna be less thrilled and more alive!] Traffic SignalSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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