I just played my natural game!

Have you wondered how many times you must have heard this line from the man of the match…Well the man who invented this line is a genius! I guess you know who it is…arrey,its our own Tendlya!

I will tell you what happened…sachin used to win so many man-of-the-match awards tht he had nothin new to say! Also the mans got a really bad vocab..
Thts when “The line” came into existence!…If the presenter is boring you just say “I just played my natural game”,the presenter gets the hint!

But now its someone else who seems to be using this line like its his own jaagir! You guessed it right! Its apna doodh-loving delhi boy –Sehwag!

I will tell you what happened…When Sehwag was on a roll,winning MOM awards(man of the match,duh!)left,right and center and his angreezi being a bit kacchi,he turned to sachin for help with Ravi shashtri’s mundane questions!

Sehwag: Sirjee,aap itne acchi angrezzi kaise bol lette hain?? mujhe bhi sikhaiye na…
Sachin:Aiala!Its easy re! Ravi shastri bore karta rahegaa na,toh bol deneka..”I just played my natural game“..Woh chup baith jaayega!
Sehwag: But sirjee,yeh trick kaam karegi??!
Sachin: Abbe mein pechle 16 saal se yehi bol raha hoon!!

According to sources,sachin has helped Inzy with his english too!(Actually he has helped many boys in the Pak side)

The next time Sachin,sehwag or Inzy wins a MOM award watch out for this line!And watch how Shastri cuts the interview short!

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