The Good Life!

I have been living the good life for the last 8 weeks...Tht includes 3 weeks in dec,4 weeks in Jan,and this week in feb ie 3+4+1=8...

Dec and 1st week of Jan were expectedly good coz tht was vacation time,but m amazed with the kind of fun I am having for the last 4 weeks(in coll)

Let us make a list of what all things I did since coll reopened:-
1.Sleeping(for me thts an activity) for 10 hrs everyday...
2.Attending Tecnobreak,never thought it cud be so much fun!
3.Writing my blog...this is fun too!
4.orkutting... always fun!
5.I m very much into 007 Nightfire...Amazing gameplay!(subject of seperate post!)
6.Movies..watching movies right left and centre!
7.Attending 7islands film festival(was very informative)
Never thought coll cud be so much fun!

Hope I continue living The Good Life..:-) The Good Life!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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