What is it with Lara??

Since I was a kid,i hav heard people comparing him with apna tendlya...
Why the heck?? They say lara has got a better technique,better stance,better blah..blah..blah
Just 1 point,lara isnt half as graceful as tendlya...
Wonder what sachin feels about this comparison...

Last night I got to talk to these greats at dinner...This is how the conversation goes..

Sachin: U hav to be more graceful lara! You look "constipated" when u bat!
Lara: I kno maan! I m so afrai(d) of thes fas bowle an spi bowle ..i cant help it maan!
Sachin: Chaila!! U hav to Kick ASS! Look DOWN th barrel of a GUN! PEE in the WIND!
Lara: I tell u maan,if i look down the BARREL of a gun,i will be PEEing every which way!!

He He !ROTFL! tht was funny!! u shud hav been there!! What is it with Lara??SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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