Top 5!

This post is a blast from the past

Top 5 most pretty women in the sitcom world….

1.Alyssa Milano(from the series CHARMED)

2.Courtney Cox(from the series FRIENDS)

3.Jodie Sweetin(was just 13 in the last season of FULL HOUSE…not a women technically,but what the heck?)

4.Patricia Heaton(from the series EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND)

5. Jami Gertz(from the series STILL STANDING)

I had a lot of free time !!

Readers could post their Top 5 in the comments

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2 letters to the editor:

    On September 22, 2007 at 3:18 PM     
    Sirpy said...

    Hmm... Mine would be slightly different.. Here goes,

    1. Ali Larter - HEROES
    2. Alyson Hannigan - How I met Your Mother
    3. Courtney Cox - FRIENDS of course
    4. Jodie Sweetin again
    5. Mila Kunis - That 70s show.

    But I ve assumed hot and pretty to be the same thing..

    1.Ali larter - WOW!
    2.Alyson Hannigan - One of my fav shows...really cute she is...Btw, i also like Cobie Smulders
    3.yeah man..
    4.yeah man..again
    5.Mila Kunis - Shes one of the very few firang girls tht even my mother likes!!

    We have similar tastes when it comes to women!! Makes me wanna say - You hav got great taste mate!