Castaway : Manori beach

This sunday I accompanied my office friends to this beautiful paradise called manori beach. For all my readers in Mumbai, this post can be quite useful.
So heres how it began. We have been doing 6 day weeks from like ages... Pallavi got this brainwave of arranging this outing. The problem with our office is tht we have absolutely no holidays whatsoever!! There are like 8 holidaysin an year, I suck at remembering dates, but these ones I do, there r only 8 to rem!!

We were looking at an outing which wouldnt take more than 1 day coz thts all we got.. Prajakta, the explorer tht she is, put in this idea about Manori.

After a few postponements, the day was finally decided.. This is how it goes - Mulund->Thane->Borivili->Gorai->Manori

We[Sharang, Shruti, Pallavi,Amit,Sachina and above all(heh heh)me!!] took an Asiad(I have no idea why it is called tht). For those who came late, Asiad is ST's so called luxury bus. Its better than ST which I believe has no shock absorbers. They have shock transferers, every lump on the road is felt by your spinal chord.. Your spinal chord cries like its been subjected to a lot of Himesh Reshamiyas songs..

So after 45 mins we reached Borivili(E). The organiser of this whole outing thingy, Prajakta, was to meet us at Borivili(W) in about 10 mins.

But as it goes with girls, these 10mins took about 30mins! Akshay aka aks aka sukhi was to meet us here with Prajakta.Now Aks crept up from sumwhere wearing nothing but his attitude(and clothes ofcourse). I mean he looked as cool as Saif in Tashan with those sunglasses and tht goatee(I am straight,I am trying to make a point here..Pls be patient) . As he nears I realise he has no backpack up his back(thts why he looks cool? Get it?)

Aks: Arre tu bag mein kya laya?
Me: Abbe? Change!!
Kya baat kar raha hai!! Prajakta toh boli sirf towel leke anaa!
Shruti:(with genuine concern)Tu towel leke aya hai kya?
(unable to control his laughter)Nahi!!

Crazy right? Thts aks for you!

Next, we take a rick to Gorai, you get a ferry every 15 mins to get you from this End of the creek to tht opp one.

As the mech engg in us took over, there questions floating in our heads..

Me:Arre is mein(ferry mein) bhi gear hai!!
Aks:Abbe har chalti cheej mein gears hote hai!!
Abbe isme Reverse bhi hai..
Haan be.. sahi na..
Merko bol arshat, Reverse mein ek hi gear kyun hota hai..I mean why dont you have like 2-3 reverse gears..
Coz you dont need it..
Yeah! (Genius)

We decided to keep our mouth shut when an aunty sitting opp to us, gave us "The look" The look seemed to say, "Keep your puppy mouths shut or I ll kick you in the nuts"

The ferry took like 10 mins and we found us just one step away from Manori. But you know what they say, one small step for a man, one big step for a horse.. Some girl in the group had the brilliant idea to take the tanga(horse cart, you angrez ki aulads :P) I dont get why us guys have to take the front seats on the tanga, why cant the girls sit there in the front, it was them who thought this would be fun.. And I dont get why they r called the "front seats" they are right behind the horsie's behind!

Me:Is gaddi mein kitna horsepower hai? Two bhp? buwahahahah..mrgreen

Somehow the horse didnt enjoy the joke and he/she lifted up his/her tail and let out half a kg of horse manure.. I decided to keep my silly jokes to myself..
10 mins into the travel..
Me:Aks, har chalti cheej mein gears hota hai na? Is ghoda gaddi mein kitna gears hai??
Everybody laugh.. bwahahahaha... Up went the tail, horse shit again..

Why cant I keep my mouth shut!!

Our cart rider though never kept his mouth shut.. He kept singing this songs which I suspect were from some C-grade Konkani movie.. "Tawa kela garam.. hmm hmm.. mulgi zali naram" some shit like tht.. He sweared at almost at every other cart driver on the way.. He had this stick with which was actually his acceletor.. There were 2-3 times when I was hit, I let out a neigh or two, if I remember correctly..

30 mins after the ride, we reached our resort, Dominica(Ph 022-24462161).. Its a nice place if you like peace and quiet.. The beach is like 2 mins from our cottage. Me and akshay were the first ones into the sea, other boys joined a lil late..
Girls took 1hr 12mins to get ready. Pray, tell me how do you get ready to get wet!!?

The water is okay, I mean dont expect Ganpatipule, but its relatively clean. 2 hrs in the afternoon sun and lazing around in the salt waters and it was time for some pet puja.. When I reached the resort, there was Aks in my six pockets, and Amits vest..

Aks:Ruk na, I hav left my pants to dry..
Mera pant tereko mila kahan se?
Prajakta ne diya!!
Towel kiska use kiya?
Patah nahi..shayad tera..
Abbe yeh mera nahi hai..
Prajakta:Arre yeh mera towel hai..
Wht goes around comes back around bwahahahaha....*evil grin*

Btw, I still havent figured out whose underwear he was wearing..question

There not much to see around. The resort has got its swings, hammocks and see-saws on which we had the most fun!! This place is for you only if you are a water person and dont care about getting a tan, which makes u look like you have been to the sun and back!!

On the way back I realised how tired I was.. And how much I miss these guys.. And how much fun I had with them...

“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.”
-Mark Twain

Twain couldnt be more correct... You guys rule...

Thank you for the memories.....

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10,000 not out!

I received the 10,000th hit sometime this week!!redface
I dont know whose hit was the 10,000th hit, coz I was planning to share half of my blogs worth with him/her... And to give you an estimate of my blogs worth, check out the pic below

My blog is worth $2,258.16.
How much is your blog worth?

So tht comes around, well, (2258.16/2)*41.52(Re vs $ rate) = Rs.46879.40 phew!!!

Disclaimer: Please claim your prize money at the earliest or your prize money will be donated to the "Arshat Chaudhary foundation of really poor engineers!!" This is your chance to give back to the society, believe me! Btw, dont wait for the prize money coz no ones getting nothing.. Its just Technorati's way of making you feel rich/special.twisted

To be honest, when I started out, I never thought we would make it this far...Thanks to your patience and tolerance toward bad grammar, silly spelling mistakes and absence of storylines, we made it this far...
Thank you for all your comments, they mean the world to me...They make me a better blogger..
Keep reading...
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Tagged - The power of 8!

I have been TAGGED!! I have been TAGGED!! Finally after years of making blog friends and stuff, I have been Tagged. Santosh has tagged me with the number 8

Here is a list of the tags(in blue) I am supposed to write about...So here goes..

Eight things I am passionate about:

This is difficult. Since I belong to LOECT (League of extraordinarily confused twenty somethings)
1. Sitcoms
2. Advertisements (both print and TV)
3. Friends (this is a recent addition, I would like to believe)
4. Chatting (only with ppl I know)
5. Blogging (both writing and reading)
6. Nature (it amazes me)
7. Eating (anything veg and spicy would do!)
8. Cinema (no, not movies, but give me a good cinematic regional film and i am up for it!)

Eight things I want to do before I die:

1. Go on a vacation (har har har)
2. Play golf!
3. Visit Germany (They have like the best brains there)
4. Own a Mercedes or a BMW or Audi (One of these German cars)
5. Direct a movie or a sitcom (bet you didnt see that coming)
6. Own a beach house (on some lonely beach in Maharashtra). Owning a private beach would be ultimate!
7. Visit Palakad, which lies on the Tamil Nadu - Kerala border (They have like the best girls there!). Now thts a fetish!
8. ________________________ (I ll keep this blank, I wud like to dedicate this one to my loved ones, whtever they want me to do before I die...)

Eight things I say often:

1. Fuk (Mech engg are officially allowed to use tht word.. btw, I dont use it in front of non enggs-they find it explicit!! weirdos!!razz)
2. What goes around comes back around...(this is the ultimate truth!! Justin timberlake couldnt be wrong!! :P)
3. Kya faltugiri hai re..
4. Chod na be...
5. Shit yaar...
6. Sawaal! Maaf (Part of SPCE lingo.. Go here to know more)
7. Saaleeeeee
8. Life mein bahut padhai kiya hai..ab maja karneka...

Eight books I have read recently:

I think I havent read 8 books in all!! Let us see..In anti-chronological order
1. Shantaram(reading currently)
2. Forrest Gump (Last book I read)
3. Blink
4. Five Point someone
5. Catch me if you can
6. The Godfather
7. Rich dad Poor dad
8. Around the world in 80 days

Eight songs I could listen to over and over:

This is not fair! 8 songs is too less!! Here goes my list!
1. Lose yourself, Cleaning up my closet, When I am gone, and other Eminem songs
2. I’ll getcha good, A Party for two!, Tht dont impress me much (Shania Twain)
3. Summer of 69, Cloud no.9, Room Service - by Bryan Adams.
4. I ll be there for you... Friends theme (this is not by choice)
5. You are beautiful, Wisemen, high by James Blunt
6.Californacation RHCP
7. Hotel California by Eagles
8.Where is the love, Lets get retarded, Dont funk with my heart by Black eyed peas

<-Tag ENDS here->

I would like to tag Pushkar, Sukhi, Sam, Abhijit, Raghav, Bullshee

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