I cant do this all on my own…coz I am no…I m noooo…Superman!!
-Scrubs(title track)


I have been watching a lot of TV lately (I got nothing else to do!).I have a lot of favourite shows, but the one I insist you watch is SCRUBS.

Scrubs is a sitcom about Doctors.Now, dont imagine ER…Its not about patients, its about doctors. Actually its about the life of interns(the word’s derived from internship, duh?!). Its also about how their guides(PG docs) and the Dean treat them like shit. Its a journey through the eyes of JD, who is an intern at Sacred Heart hospital(the name of the hospital in scrubs). The treatment of the topic is exactly what makes it so lovable..

I maybe an engineer(Well, almost engineer …since the results arent out yet.) but as most engineers would agree, our lives are shit too! Maybe we earn more(starting salaries of doctors are nothing to write home about) Maybe we dont have to study tht much and maybe when we get our PhDs, we are called doctor too, but hey, what the heck? We dont want a PhD to be by our side when we get a heart attack(and believe me mate, the way we are screwing our lifestyles, we hav sure signed up for one…). We want you guys.

Sorry….. I drifted frm the topic…

Coming from a family of Doctors(and engineers) I know exactly what goes on in a Hospital… Things work in pretty much the same fashion in Sacred heart Hospital(the hospital in Scrubs. kitne baar bataon?)as they do in India.

Scrubs is not just hahaha, like all good sitcoms it has a bit of rona-dhona too. Its just tht here it seems so right, so important, like its a part of the story…part of our story.

Like there was this episode-
JD: I wanna be like you
Dr. Cox:You wanna be like me? I barely wanna be me!



Watch scrubs at 5:30 pm or 12 midnight [IST](Star World)

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