9-se-12 ka show!

All the photos and videos that were taken in the last 4 days were compiled by Prasad Bhoite …
The show was in room no.108(our room was 110)
About 30 guys were filled in one room(even sunny deol’s movies dont get this type of response in Punjab).
The arrangement was excellent..I mean there was a bouncer(Bibin),a narrator(Akshay Sukhtankar) and the cameraman(Prasad)
You had to behave yourself coz if you didnt you wud have to face the bouncer’s wrath.If you liked a photo and would like some info on how and why the photo was taken you could say ‘Explain!’ and Akshay would give running commentory on tht photo…You cud also vote for your fav photo and hope tht it enters the wall of fame!You could also ask the cameraman to stop on a photo you liked and ask him to zoom on a specific person(This is what we did on the night at jodhpur)
My personal fav photo is tht of Ameya and Hase while they were sleeping…
My fav vid wud be the one in which Bhai(Sid) is rolling on the sand and after sometime…stops.Apte rolls over sid after tht and out of nowhere a energy transfer takes place and Bhai starts rolling furiously…! 9-se-12 ka show!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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This ride was so much fun tht I have to make a seperate post on it!
Its a good 42 kms from Jaisalmer to Sand dunes…This asked for a good 1.5 hrs of TP(timepass yaar,itna bhi nahi patah?)…TP ka doosra naam wud be Ameya Ghureye and Prasad Bhoite(tht wud be 2 naam)…But since they were very tired(god knows what were they doing last night..)they slept…and all zimmedari of TP fell on Suril Shah’s shoulders!

Aur suril ne Zimmedari nibhayi!He went biserk,marrying couples,asking people questions You would never ask!

I wouldnt like to name the couples who got married,but I would like to wish them a happily married life!(all marriages are made in heaven and are taped…All interested people can call the toll free no-1600-420-420-840)

Now the questions you would never ask…

Suril to Hiren:Jab Taxi no.9211 mein Nana Patekar ka scene chalu tha, tab aapka kya scene chalu tha???
Hiren(dumbfounded):Koi scene chalu nahi tha!(what else could he say?)

Suril to Vishal:AApki chamdigiri ka raaz kya hai?
Vishal:…–[$!p;….._.,Kandivali!!…….heh heh..ROTFL….lol…Shud have seen the look on vishals face!!priceless!

Suril himself had to face some very though questions himself(subject of another post)
All this videos are available to all SPCE students for free*
*conditions apply

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6:30 a.m. in the morning…The waiter knocks our door,I open the door(as usual…since Deepak,Chetan and Umesh used to sleep ghoda bech ke!) “Tea for you sir!”..Actually it is one damn good excuse to knock at someones door early in the morn and make sure he is alive and kickin(kickin the waiter in this case…)
Next followed the bathroom brawls…I won almost everytime.Along with the 4 guys in our room,Navin and Kunal too used to use our Bathrooms,with Hiren thrown in for good measure!Navin and Kunal were helpless coz,Siddhant took over 137 mins to get ready(statistics courtesy:navin)
I wondered how the girls managed?There were about 5 girls in one room!
Enough of Bathroom statistics…How about some sight-seeing…We visited the fort which was in the heart of the city…Actually there was an entire city inside the heart of the fort…We also saw the jain temple,the patwah haveli etc.
The best part was when we visited the Sand dunes in the evening…After having our nuts squashed in the camel ride,it was time for Gravity…And as most of us experienced,sand mein gravity deneka alag hi maza hai!
Also the biggest gravity in the history of SPCE happened here!I mean Navin’s gravity…About 20 guys(or was it 21?)decided to take on Navin!
Yeah 20 vs 1…Navin still managed to keep them away for about 35 mins…I pity Rajeev’s planning skills(Rajeev planned this one)…Rajeev,man you should learn from me how to give Navin gravity…The other night Chetan and me(just 2 guys) gave Navin the gravity of his life…Its another story tht we got gravity from him too…cant help if this is making Navin sound like a Hero(what to do….the guy has a insatiable desire to fight back)…

Btw,after the gravity,the sunset and all,we got hungry,Helped ourselves to Sev puri made by the organisers(Vanraj travels…You Rock!)….

Imagine eating sevpuri under the maroon sky which would soon turn black!The only source of light being the stars and your mobile phones!(The explaination would have been easy,had I been a poet…but I am not,not even close,so bear with me)

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Day 3

Next day we set out for Jaisalmer…Umaid Bhavan was on the way.Its one of the most romantic places in India they say(who the heck are ‘they’?)…Btw,’they’ are damn correct…

Update: View the photo here

What we experinced on the way to Jaisalmer made the trip total paisa vasool…We were caught in a sand storm!!It was amazing…You couldnt even see the road…and if you put your hand outside the window,you would feel raindrops on your hand…I bet you thought it never rained in Rajasthan…not your mistake…its J P Dutta’s mistake,never did he show us any rain in his movies….Dutta-You Suck!

There was one more thing tht made the Trip paisa vasool…We had lunch at a Dhaba…The waiter would clean the table and within mins a new layer of sand would reappear on the table.I ingested 27 gms of sand(dont ask me how I measured it!) along with the food.Along with the food were Abhijit Deshpande’s brand of PJs(Parla Joke)..e.g.-”After lunch pls have some ‘desert‘(pointing to the sandy terrain)”..heh heh..
When we reached the Hotel(a 3-star),it was raining and it was cold…
The best part was tht there was a Swimming Pool there…cold weather not withstanding we jumped in with our Bermudas(no,not the country)and some of us like navin and bibin jumped in with their underwears(on).
To say tht the water was cold would be an understatement…The liquid in my statoreceptors(ears) frooze and I was unable to balance myself….I was so cold thtI had to spend the next two hours in the Blanket(actually two blankets) drinking tea and soup…
The least I can say is most of us were alive…Glad tht Deepak did not take the plunge,…we would have a lost a sincere student.
In the night,for a change,we slept…

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The next morning we reached Jodhpur station…the air felt cleaner,Hitesh seemed sentier…We could see Mehrangarh from the station,it was beautiful…!The place seemed completely different from Mumbai(just like the organisers promised…).

What struct me the most were the Rajasthani autorickshaws…I mean the whole world uses Bajaj autos(from India to Nambia)…Then why would they use autorickshaws of a different make??(Engg kida got activated by mistake…sorry for tht!)

The other thing tht I noticed were the no. of military vehicles in the area(It takes 10 mins for Pakistani jets to reach Jodhpur).

We were assigned rooms as soon as we reached the hotel.We were assigned room no 210(if I remember correctly).By ‘we’ I mean Deepak,Chetan,Umesh Koli and myself…

Next followed sight-seeing…first up was Mehrangarh(of the Liz Hurley-Arun Nayar fame…They got married there just 2 days ago…).After some more sighting and seeing we returned to the Hotel…and thts where the fun began….We decided to spend the night talking in room no.304(Navin,kunal,hemant and siddhant’s room).thts when navin got a brainwave and we headed off to the terrace.After clicking a few weird pics and some usual TP we realised it was getting cold(it can get really cold at night)…back to the pavillion(room no. 304).What happened next cant be disscussed on this blog..All I can reveal is a lot of guys got gravity!Boys night out…what else did you expect? Day 2SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Day 1:

We had to assemble at Bandra Terminus.
Our sir Prof.Bhiwapurkar and his wife accompanied us on the Trip.And if he thought it was going to be easy,he was mistaken…Within 10 mins of the journey,the first complaint reached him.There were passengers with us who did not like our way of giving GRAVITY

Now what is GRAVITY? You are not a true SPCE student if u dont know this term..
For the uninitiated,GRAVITY is when a number of guys throw themselves on a single guy(who is assumed to be the centre of gravity!).Gravity can be given to anyone in the group(except the Prof.)

Back to the topic,these co-passengers didnot like this gravity concept of ours and they complained to the prof.
We had to sobre down a bit…spent time playing Blackjack,7 hearts and mendi kot(What is it called in English?)

Then it was pet pooja time…Kunal had brought some 25 parathas…Deepak had brought 10…They were finishe off in 25+10=35 mins.
In the night after we had crossed Ahmedabad,uniformed personnel entered the Train..It was a sensitive area,we were told..we were asked to roll out our beds and sleep…But boys will be boys,we didnt really pay much heed to their demands,kept talking all night.That night,I remember,Hitesh was really scared!I guess he thought Pakistanis would enter the train and we would be held as PoW…lol…
Hitesh Joshi was the local boy(Jaipur is his native)..He got very senti after reaching Jodhpur station…”4 saal baad aa raha hoon yahan”…

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I guess my trip started on 8th,in my room where my sister gave a presentation(with laptop,projector etc.) on how to travel safe…
-Don’t take your hand out of the window of the train/bus/camel…
-Don’t talk to strangers on the train/bus/camel…
-Make a list of all your belongings…detailed list
-Don’t make fun of the Pakistanis at the border…They might shoot you…
-Make sure you don’t lose your footwear in the train…etc.etc.
-Buy stuff for me from every shop in Rajasthan…heres the list(actually she handed me a book)You dont buy the stuff yourself,ask Rucha and Supriya to help.(Rucha and Supriya are girls in my class)

F.Y.I. my sister is 16 yrs old…

My sis’ presentation was followed,my mom’s presentation,followed by my dad…
After all these wise words,I guess I was ready for my trip to Rajasthan…

The Trip to Rajasthan…SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Its been a loooong time since I posted…The reasons for this delay are
1.Our BE(mech) trip to Rajasthan from 9th to 16th of march.
2.My computer was in the ICU…it used to restart whenever it wanted to…!Even today,after a lot of dawa-daru(more of dawa and less of daru),its not in the best of shape…
3.The college network is down(like tht reliance ad..always down,never up!)
4.Happy days are over,with only 4 weeks of college to go,profs are trying hard tht we dont feel sorry tht college life is over.

Well now I am back…I hope..

Long time no see??!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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The Diary of…?

“Sorry Sir,but the flight is full…”,the lady over the counter said.

“Comeeon ma’am!I have to get on that flight,all my friends are on that plane.Please ma’am you have to let me onboard.”I said.

I guess she was abit amused by an asian talking to her in an
British-Canadian accent.But she took pity on me and granted me a seat next to the toilet.These are probably the worst seats in the plane.You can actually hear the sound of the flush every time someone does the dew!

By the way,there was still sometime for the flight to take off.I engaged myself in looking at pretty girls boarding the plane.What else do you expect from an engineer(I did my mechanical engg from Univ. of Warwick,UK).

There was this really pretty airhostess who caught my eye.At the training centre where I was for the last 3 months,there were no girls.Even the cooks there were male!

Then a good looking (Punjabi,I guess) girl boarded the flight.She was dressed in a white salwar.Indian girls are extremely attractive,I thought.

She came to me and said,”I guess you are on my seat…”
I sure was.”I..I..am sorry”,I muttered as I tried to shift to the adjacent seat.

I have seen many testosterone driven guys who go crazy at the thought of a pretty girl occupying the adjacent seat.But mate,its not like she was dying to sit beside you.Its just that the Indian Airlines guys gave that seat to her!

I tried to strike a conversation with her.
“Hi! So you got the toilet seat too?You must have checked in really late?”,I said.
“Yeah!Actually my grandma took ill suddenly .So I have to meet her in New Delhi”
“Oh,so you are going to Delhi?”
“Obviously! Thats where the flight is going,right?!”,she said,giving me the ‘duh?’ look.
“Dont be so sure…”,I said.
She looked at me,half jokingly,half suspiciously.

I guess the height(33000 feet above sea level)was affecting the flow of blood to my brain.The last sentence that I said could have spoiled ‘The flight of the millenium‘.I was feeling giddy.I always feel giddy at heights.All this even after I got my CPL(Commercial Pilot’s License)just 4
months ago.
I got my CPL from Canada.The course requires 500 hrs of flying in 8 months.This was before I joined the Training Centre.

“Veg or Non-veg?”,the airhostess asked.(The same one who had caught my eye)

“Veg.”,I said.I guess I was too bored with the non-veg fare they served at the Training Centre.

“Are you alright?”,the girl who was seated beside me asked.I think her name was Trupti,because she had a pen on which the words TRUPTI were inscribed.

“Yeah,why?”I asked.

“You seem to be uncomfortable.Why are you looking at your watch all the time?”,she asked.

“You will know at 4:53!”,I said.

“What will happen at 4:53?”

“You will see!!”

Now it was her turn to be uncomfortable.

My casio sounded the alarm at 4:53.My Friends got up from their respective seats.Shahid(doctor) got up from 15B,Sunny Ahmed(Burger) from 5C,Mistri Ibrahim(Bhola) from 16C,Shakir(Shankar)from 12A and I got up from my seat at 28C.I removed the monkey cap from my pocket and put it on.I took out a knife from my sock and waved it in the air

“Stay calm! Everybody place your head between your knees…Your plane has been HIJACKED.Next stop-Kandhar!”

*The Training Centre that I was talking about is in Islamabad,Pakistan.
**I had acquired the CPL so that I could fly IC814 to Kandhar(just in case)….
**The names doctor,burger,Bhola,shankar were code words we used instead of names
***And yes, I forgot to add,my name is Ibrahim Akhtar(chief)

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This song is just going on and on in my head.
Do yourself a favour-buy the CD(if u havent already)
Another head hangs lowly,
Child is slowly taken.
And the violence caused such silence,
Who are we mistaken?

But you see, it’s not me, it’s not my family.
In your head, in your head they are fighting,
With their tanks and their bombs,
And their bombs and their guns.
In your head, in your head, they are crying…

In your head, in your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie,
Hey, hey, hey. What’s in your head,
In your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, oh, dou, dou, dou, dou, dou…

Another mother’s breakin’,
Heart is taking over.
When the vi’lence causes silence,
We must be mistaken.

It’s the same old theme since nineteen-sixteen.
In your head, in your head they’re still fighting,
With their tanks and their bombs,
And their bombs and their guns.
In your head, in your head, they are dying…

In your head, in your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie,
Hey, hey, hey. What’s in your head,
In your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, oh, oh, oh,
Oh, oh, oh, oh, hey, oh, ya, ya-a…
Zombie,zombie,zombie….SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Pulp Fiction…

Pulp Fiction

Warning…This is a post not many might like…But what the heck,its my blog and I can speak my mind

Ok..I do agree tht I am no art connoisseur and maybe I dont understand the complexity of film-making,or maybe I am used to conventional form of narration….maybe….But thts not gonna prevent me from blasting this movie PULP FICTION…The movie sucked…big time…

I am after tht Tarantino guy who directed(co-wrote…bloody idiot) tht bloody movie…. He wasted 2 hrs of my life…Had I been a law student I wud have had sued him for losses amounting to atleast 125 rupees(I could ask for more) for causing brain damage.I am also after travolta,samuel jackson,uma thurman,bruce willis(a perfect eg of naam bade aur darshan chote!)

The movie is a black comedy directed in a highly stylized manner and employing many pop culture touches, Pulp Fiction weaves through the intersecting storylines of Los Angeles gangsters, fringe characters, petty thieves, and a mysterious attache case.-Wikipedia

I guess Tarantino himself wrote this review,then he himself got PF nominated for academy awards,and then himself voted for the movie and won….What I dont like is the fact tht it doesnt make sense….the stories are disjointed,the actors are disoriented,the viewers are stupid…tht includes me too. But I watched it coz IMDB voted it as one of the better movies….also my friends and cousins created the much needed hype…I really regret watching the movie…

On a pleasent note…for all you guys who watched the movie and liked it maybe you should watch CRASH….you will really like it or even better watch this Indian movie(its in english) Flavours probably the best of the lot as far as narration goes…

Pulp Fiction…SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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I just played my natural game!

Have you wondered how many times you must have heard this line from the man of the match…Well the man who invented this line is a genius! I guess you know who it is…arrey,its our own Tendlya!

I will tell you what happened…sachin used to win so many man-of-the-match awards tht he had nothin new to say! Also the mans got a really bad vocab..
Thts when “The line” came into existence!…If the presenter is boring you just say “I just played my natural game”,the presenter gets the hint!

But now its someone else who seems to be using this line like its his own jaagir! You guessed it right! Its apna doodh-loving delhi boy –Sehwag!

I will tell you what happened…When Sehwag was on a roll,winning MOM awards(man of the match,duh!)left,right and center and his angreezi being a bit kacchi,he turned to sachin for help with Ravi shashtri’s mundane questions!

Sehwag: Sirjee,aap itne acchi angrezzi kaise bol lette hain?? mujhe bhi sikhaiye na…
Sachin:Aiala!Its easy re! Ravi shastri bore karta rahegaa na,toh bol deneka..”I just played my natural game“..Woh chup baith jaayega!
Sehwag: But sirjee,yeh trick kaam karegi??!
Sachin: Abbe mein pechle 16 saal se yehi bol raha hoon!!

According to sources,sachin has helped Inzy with his english too!(Actually he has helped many boys in the Pak side)

The next time Sachin,sehwag or Inzy wins a MOM award watch out for this line!And watch how Shastri cuts the interview short!

I just played my natural game!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Holi cow! Holi is tomorrow and I havent yet shopped for any colours…Talking of colours,I think gujjus neednt buy any colours,coz they already are so colourful! You see,I got about 10 gujjus in my class,all of them colourful..But here I would like to mention only two of them…The first one would be Siddharth Ashara(bhai).You can read about himin my past posts(just search for -In love with sid ashara)

Well bhai,is one of the colourful guys you will ever to see! The spects keep changing according to the latest fashions.Right now it is thick and black,like amitabh’s in KanK(sexy sam remember?)…His Cell phone models change as frequently as Aamir changes his hairstyles! Has a wardrobe full of colours like red,blue,green,yellow!

However the most colourful,the one who takes the cake here and eats it too is Mr.Suril Shah! For starters he has a PURPLE(?) Pulsar with his name printed across it!!. He is a legend when it comes colourfulness…There are
stories about him having yellow shoes(personally I dont think it is true..).Shirts in all colours from pink to green!He has even tried a blonde streaks in his hair…The only other Indian guy I know who used blonde streaks in his hair is…er…umm…no one! Suril is the only guy who could
pull it off!Pretty normal for a guy whose favourite actress is Amisha Patel!
The whole point of this posts is that my friends are so colourful normally,I wonder how they look on Holi! I remember after last years holi,Sid’s face had different hues of red for about a month! What colours do they use there
in Charni Road(Sid’s home)-Asian Paints??

P.S-Gala would wanna feature on the list,but sorry mate,Suril is a tough contender!
Pushkar wouldnt even qualify…He is too sombre…
Jags,vishal,Abhal,Sahil better luck next time!

Another P.S.-The above post is to be taken sportingly…
Comments invited!!

Of gujjus, colours and HoliSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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They did it again…! I am cocksure about the fact tht MSEB guys have cams installed inside my house.I am also getting the feeling tht they also read my blog,and in all probability dont like what I write about them.So they have decided to teach me a lesson by cutting off my area’s power for about 8 hours(yeah 8 hrs,thts not a printing mistake).All this
inspite of staying in mumbai(Mulund is officially within mumbai limits).We had some dreams of becoming Shangai,remember?…You got it all wrong Mr.Deshmukh..How about becoming Sangli? Tht looks positively possible! What say? They got cams installed for sure!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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