I bought a 29 inch Sony Wega last week…Its a small step for any other man but its a giant leap for Arshat! You see, I was using Onida (21 inches, 1990 model) to keep my visual cortex busy. But the only “colour” tht my Onida showed was Green!! Btw, whats with Onida? I mean showing people throwing their TVs out of the balcony?? Wht happened to good old conventional advertising? According to Onida, the marketing campaign worked for them(thanks to ppl like me).

As a kid I wanted to see my neighbours turn green…However as time passed, the only thing tht turned green was my TV screen…

After 17 yrs of a loving relationship, which recently had turned sour(or shud I say - Green ;)) , I filed for divorce.

Size mattered the last time I checked, so I went for 29 inches. It was a toss betn LG and Sony, family members wanted a Sony…So, Sony it was…

There is an Old saying in arabic … “Walah! agar life tumko petroleum deti….toh petrol banati…” which crudely translated means - “When life gives you lemons make lemonade”. So when life gave me a 29 inch Sony wega…I decided to make a home theatre…So, bought a Tata Sky. Believe me mate, its amazing…! Isko laga dala toh life zingalala!

Any questions about Tata sky? I ll be glad to answer SONY Tell-a-Friend

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    On March 2, 2008 at 8:34 AM     
    Unknown said...

    yes.......what is Tata Sky?

    by the way, we had an Onida too......for as long as i can remember........and then there came a time when it had reached the end of its life too. and then i think we went for some company starting with "A"...don't rememeber what it was.

    Tata sky is direct to home service.. Its like we hav a dish installed on ur roof top... Its directly relayed from the satelite