There is GOLD at mulund!

Yes! There is gold at mulund! All the gold is deep inside the ground…

Actually,mulund was a site proposed for a gold mine back in 1919 by a good British soul(like tht British guy in tht Aamir movie-Mangal Pande) .But this proposal was rejected by a not-so-good-British-soul(like tht British guy in tht Aamir movie-Lagaan)…(Aamir has proably worked with more foreign actors than Gulshan grover,Naseruddin shah and Om puri combined)

Back to the topic…Well,this secret lay deep down the files in some govt. office till 2002…when some BMC guy found it!!!(What was theBMC guy doing in the office??working?? strange!)

The secret was out! Everybody in the BMC knows this fact!But I bet you didnt!

After this secret was known to these BMC guys, they started digging MULUND…! Left,right and centre…!I guess they were finding success(read gold!)in MULUND,coz their attempts at digging continued..They dug the pavements,the road,the footpath….,they dug everything! Sometimes they redug the same place they had dug just days ago!

You must be thinking - why the heck dont they tell this to the general public?? Well,the reason for this is tht they dont want every Tom, Dick and Patil to come with spades and start digging the pavements(actually,they dont want to share the booty)

Also not all of the general public is unaware…Some builders and developers have access to this info! What else can explain two MALLS tht have sprung up…What can explain INDIA’s largest 5 star thts gonna come up here…Alot of digging activity goes on near these malls too…

They say mulund is centrally located,has a lot of greenery,blah-blah-blah! Like I dont know!

You still dont believe me?? Why dont u pick up a spade and start digging?? Who knows,You might just get LUCKY!!!

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