You know you are from Mumbai when....
You know you are from Mumbai when.....

arrow Stock market quotes are the only other thing besides cricket which you follow passionately.

arrow You take fashion seriously.

arrow You spend more time travelling than you send at home.

arrow 9:47 fast, means something to you.

arrow u think tht delhi copied INDIA GATE frm mumbai's GATEWAY OF INDIA...

arrow You're suspicious of strangers who are actually nice to you.

arrow You consider eye contact an act of overt aggression.

arrow Amitabh Bachans house is a landmark

arrow When there's no place to breathe in the trains but there's place to play cards and sing bhajans!

arrow You refer to the city as Mumbai and not Bombay .

arrow You say that Pani Puri is waayy better than Gol Gappa's even when they're the same thing

arrow Every three months you look at your street and say "Why're the digging the road again?"

arrow You actually pay for your rickshaws by the meter.

arrow You know what the term "video coach" stands for in the local trains...

arrow"Gheun Tak" is your life ideology.

arrow You aren't surprised when somebody throws a water balloon at you while you're walking on the streets during March.

arrow you can only smile forgivingly about the size of any other city in the world.

arrow Every time you speak Hindi in front of a Delhitite they have the WTF expression on their face.

arrow When while giving directions you say "Right MARO aur wahan pe ek bridge GIREGA"

arrow You have hung on to dear life at the local door.

arrow When you think everyone who lives to the south(Mumbai) of you is a snob and to the north of you sucks

arrow when u c movie names like "shootout at Lokhandwala" & 'Ek chalis ki last local" & don't have to ask what the name means

arrow you consider the local train "empty" when you find a spot for your two feet to stand on.

arrow when "chalta hai" is the most commonly used word

arrow Everything to the north of Mumbai is UP-Bihar and everything below is Madras

arrow if someone calls u "aap"-- u start laughing on their faces...

arrow when you call the BEST bus, BST, even though BEST is painted on every single public transport bus operational in Bombay

arrow It takes longer to get off from your house to the station than from one end of Mumbai to another by train.

arrow Being truly alone makes you nervous.

arrow Crorepati, Lakhpati, Hazarpati, Chillarpati all travel in local Trains daily-together!.

arrow You have learnt how to stand in a queue

arrow u treat mumbai as a country itself

arrow when you actually see random people coming to help you when u have a problem

arrow u want to get into the train already that is already in motion & u have 5 hands taking u in..

arrow You are back to work next day after the city is bombed - Truly the spirit of Mumbai

arrow When you allow complete strangers to spend the night in your house because its raining outside and half the city is submerged...
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11 letters to the editor:

    On March 17, 2008 at 12:00 AM     
    Anonymous said...

    THe last few points makes mumbai a place truly to live in. The first time i was in mumbai, I hated the city for i was cheated. The next time i liked it and today after reading your post i can say mumbai is a city any indian can live in.

    awesome man..
    har 1 line perfect hain...
    gud wrk dude...

    Glad you like mumbai now..

    @hiren aka lamda
    thanks man..
    nice to see you here :)

    On March 19, 2008 at 4:05 PM     
    Chriz said...

    i have started loving mumbai now.. i will surely have a whale of a time there...

    On October 26, 2008 at 7:37 PM     
    Nupur said...

    Mumbai is also a place where there's place for everyone. Hope "PEOPLE" realize it before too many jail trips!

    too good :)

    On February 21, 2009 at 2:03 AM     
    soumya said...

    aap chaapu ho...[non-mumbaikar]...guess main kahaan ka ho

    On April 10, 2009 at 11:46 AM     
    Arjun said...

    all points r spot on.... except one...almost everyone i know who has been in bbay for years and years still call it BOMBAY, and NOT Mumbai... no matter what the effin' SS says... it was bombay when i got there at teh ge of 4... and its bombay to me today when i'm 27.

    On May 4, 2009 at 7:15 PM     
    jotenko said...

    "when you actually see random people coming to help you when u have a problem"

    I am from Portugal and I was in Mumbai in Jaunary. That is so true. I was completely alone, but everytime I had a problem there was someone to help me. I can perfectly remember me, walking inside the airport, and this small man comes to me and says "Do you need help?" ahahah He took my bags and did everything for me.

    I was in front of Ghandi's house and you can feel the power in that place. Comparing to Lisbon, Mumbai is so different. I was so surprised to the fact that, the city, indeed NEVER sleeps.

    umm.. Delhi?

    hmm.. good point

    @Joao Pedro
    wow! Its good to hear that from a foreigner. :)

    On July 5, 2015 at 7:58 PM     
    Sameer said...

    Very nice points