There is something about Chetan...

There really is something about chetan...(The chetan in question is my friend-CHETAN GOSAVI)

We all have tht little something...only difference is tht chetan is blessed with a lot of tht something..this something makes him endearing...With all the stupid decisions tht he takes,he shud be extinct by now...but someone up there finds him endearing,just like i do...

To illustrate tht he is popular with the Gods,let me quote some examples...

1.chetan crosses the railway tracks with a bicycle(he being seated on the seat of the cycle)and survives

2.he is involved in a accident involving a fiat and a bicycle,but somehow survives!

3.he jumps off a local train,and still(?) SURVIVES!!4.he gets placed in the company which pays him 4.66lacs??(proably the highest in class!)but this is just one side of him! He is xtremely hardworking too..(subject of another post) There is something about Chetan...SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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