Before u get the feelin tht i m a movie maniac,let me tell u the state of affairs I m in!
I have rented a 1 BHK flat in andheri...All this to reduce the travelling time....But this amounts to no Tv(coz theres no TV at the flat)!
For a self confessed TV(read sitcoms) freak this is not exactly Neverland!.
How,then,do I vent out my frustation when I come home(thts every fri-sat-sun)..By watching loads of TV right? Wrong!!

My sis is in the 12th,there seems some unwritten rule in my house tht whenever theres a board exam,the cable will be dissconnected...So its no cable for me for the last 6 months...

I can only go for movies...So here I am watching movies,left,right and centre...

Yesterday it was Salaam-e-Ishq...
Big names,Bigger starcast...
Instead of telling u who was in the movie,I think it would be easier to mention those who wasnt goes..

SRK was not there,Preity was busy sweeping Bandra so she wasnt there,Rani,Aamir,Hritik werent there,Sanjubaba,ash,John..oh wait,I think John was there...

51/2 love stories(1/2 coz sohail-Isha story cant be counting as 1)...One ending(thank god!)

The best performances come from unexpected shores(literally..South Africa in this case)..(Shannon Esra is from SA)

The Govinda-Shannon Esra(the gori mem in the mov.. ) track could have been developed into a seperate movie...Shannon is proably the best foreign actor to have acted in Bolly(if u dont count manisha koirala as foreign)

Khanna did what he does flash his awkward smile.How does he smile like tht?
Ayesha is her usual cuteself...

Anil and Juhi did not try much...
Salman and Priyanka overtried...Sallubhai has an accent even while he speaks Hindi?! (Rahul becomes-Raool..what the @#$!)

John and vidya cry..John cries in the first half(and in the second half).Vidya cries in the second half only(coz she is in comma in the 1st

Did I miss someone??

I dont think so!

Oh yeah there is Tinu Anand as priyanka's manager..n Karan Johar's voiceover is also there..

And,ofcourse there is sohail-isha pair(I almost forgot!)They provide some much needed comic relief..

MY VERDICT: Atleast one story will appeal to you...
Its best if u watch it with your group of friends...
Note tht your group should consists of 6 guys...Even 5 guys will do(coz sohail is non existent) Also the ages of the guys should>25,31,33,40,46...I suggest u wait till u find a group like this!!

[PS:I get the feeling tht is movie is copied from DARNA MANA HAI(rem?),6 stories 1 ending...Salman-priyanka track also seems copied
frm DMH(coz its a nightmare)] Salaam-e-IshqSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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