Top 10 movies (2000-2008)

Its here!!!!

The BIG DADDY of all polls.. from Aaj tak to IBN 7, this poll beats them all.. er.. kuch jyada toh nahi ho gaya?

But seriously.. after entering the data for your favourite movies, finding the average and then ranking them, I have come up with the TOP 10 hindi movies of this Millennium..

The people who participated in the poll range come from differnt walks of life.. from catwalk to rampwalk, from slumdog to millionaire, from Hrithik Roshan to Harman I hope you get the point.

The people who voted for their favourite movies includes Engineers, Phds, dentist, a few MBA blokes, and a few other essesntially jobless people like me (yeah, I have voted too!)

The Methodology (Transparency mangta hai!)
Before we start the listing, lemme tell you how I did it! (no rocket science this!) I took in all your entries and gave them points according to their Ranks.. For eg -
1. XXX (no, not tht kinda movie, this is just an eg)
2. YYY
10. ZZZ

I gave 1 point to the movie ZZZ, YYY got 9 points, while XXX got 10 points... In the end all the points were added and divided by the number of entries to get the average score.. (Did I bore you guys? Well, I got 98.37 in CAT, wht did u expect? :P) Obviously the max score by any movie will not be more than 10 (considering the same movie tops every list)

So here goes the list.. In countdown fashion...

Rock On!
Year of Release: 2008
Points scored: 2.17

Rock on!!!! Hai yeh waqt ka ishaaara... I havent seen this movie, but the very fact that it has managed to notch the #10 spot just on the dum-khum of its theatre performances alone(I dont think it has been released in a big way on TV) says a lot about the calibre of this movie..

I was pestered a lot by my female friends to watch this movie, but then I argued that it was fun for them to watch a bunch of topless guys jump into the lake and stuff.. All us guys were left with was Prachi Desai (who is she anyway?). But still, its commendable that Rock On has is on the list, even though movies like Jaane Tu.. havent even found a place on the Top 15..

Rock on! Farhan Akhtar makes an appearance on this countdown, definitely not for the last time...

Year of Release: 2005
Points scored: 2.35

Beating Rock On by a very small margin is the artsy movie - B-L-A-C-K.. Power packed performances by Amitabh Bacchan and Rani Mukherjee made this movie appear on the #9 spot.. Sanjay Leela Bhansali went one step ahead of his Khamoshi (Salman khan, Manisha Koirala) stunt and made the female lead- blind, deaf and mute.. It gave enough scope to Rani to showcase her talent..

Back in 1998 when KKHH was released, if anyone said that the girl in the short yellow skirt will do a role like that, I would have thrown my caramel popcorn(what? guys cant like caramel?) at his Goddamn face...

All in all, good movie, and gives a chance to AB to make an appearance..

Hera Pheri
Year of Release: 2000
Points scored: 2.47

Know whats a classic? This is!! Hera Pheri is to school going kids today what Andaz Apna Apna was for our generation.. (Shit that makes me sound old! )

Hera Pheri is truly a classic.. You can watch it again and again and again.. never gets old.. It was a breakthrough movie for all the actors.. Paresh Rawal wouldnt be charging more than what Bobby Deol charges for two movies had it not been for his Baburao Ganpatrao Apte role.. "Uthalele re baba.. aare mujhe nahi, enn dono ko!" he haw haw.. rotfl
It made Akshay Kumar what he is today.. Had it not been for this movie he still wud have been doing his "Churake dil teraaa.. goriya chali..." routine.. after the song there wud be a fight where akki wud show his Bankok-trained-martial-arts-kicks.. After that a rone dhone wala scene then again a song.. and so on and so forth..

This movie made Suniel Shetty what he is to be honest, hes the only one who hasnt benefited much from this movie.. but for his acting skills hes still God damn famous..

All in all, for me, one of Indias funniest movies..

Year of Release: 2001
Points scored: 2.76

It hurts.. It hurts to see a movie of such calibre come up so low down the order..

It hurt when it didnt win the Oscars.. If Slumdog millionaire (more on it later) wins an Oscar for best movie, I will sue the firangi judges.. If Slumdog wins an Oscar for best music for Rahman, I say he should get atleast 5 more Oscars for his past work..

Bhuvans team beat the Firangs in an impossible match, but the firangis took revenge and beat them at the end.. (I am mad at them.. that is why I make no sense).

Aamir Khan, Rehman, Ashutosh Gowariker.. all of them make the first appearance on the countdown..

Lagaan... Goosebumps! Whatta movie..!

Year of Release: 2004
Points scored: 3.06

Surprise! Surprise! And a pleasant one! It was Ashutosh's very next movie after Lagaan and all of us had high hopes.. I guess we were expecting a cricket match at the end of this one too.. Girls didnt wanna see SRK looking like a geek.. Thats the problem with the actor.. Hes always SRK.. that has never been Aamir's problem.. When hes Bhuvan, hes Bhuvan.. But with SRK thrs always that persona that makes him SRK - the star.. that cant be too good for an actor, never is!

Swades is by far the weakest box office performer on this top 10, but the fact that people like it this much to place it on #6 speaks volumes bout this movie..

Btw, there is this scene in the movie where SRK is travelling in the train back to Kaveri umma's place, the train halts at a station.. A kid with a really heavy pot of water is pacing up and down the platform.. Hes selling water at 50 paise per glass, SRK being the NRI drinks bottled water.. but for that kid he makes and exception.. That is pretty much the scene where he becomes truly Indian.. I started respecting Srk the actor after that..

Jab we met
Year of Release: 2007
Points scored: 3.17

Are you kidding me? Comeon now? This is a good movie, but at #5? really?

There is this thing actors have.. When they are involved off screen, the chemistry dies on-screen.. thats what happened with Shahid-Kareena all this while..

Once they broke up, they gave us Jab we met! Its a cute movie, really is, but #5, really?

Chalo aacha hua, issi bahane Shahid and Kareena made an appearance on the Top 10..

Rang De Basanti
Year of Release: 2006
Points scored: 3.35

Ting Ting Tinga Ting.. basanti... Rahman again! Aamir again! Very different from the movies you normally get to see.. I still dont know what I feel for this movie.. I mean I dunno if I support what the movie protrays or not.. But one thingI know for sure, it captured the imagination of the youth...

I distinctly remember to-be doctors took to the streets when reservations were introduced for medicine seats.. I remember how they took the blows the police dealt them.. And when those photos came out in the papers next day, one could see the bravery that these 20 something doctors showed for their rights.. RDB in that sense is a classic..

Chak De India
Year of Release: 2007
Points scored: 4.29

The BIG 3... The reason why I call the top 3 - BIG, is coz of the difference in the scores. Look at #4 and #3.. The difference in the scores is almost 1 point.. That shows these 3 movies are a class apart.. They are on the list of almost everyone who polled..

Chak De! Very similar to the Hollywood movie miracle.. But it had a surreal feel to it.. Among India's best underdog movies.. It made celebrities of the 11 girls who played the roles of hockey players.. SRK with all his newly built muscle-chusle played the coach who was once the captain of the Indian Hockey team..

It had everything to keep us interested..

Taare Zameen Par
Year of Release: 2007
Points scored: 4.47

Again Aamir Khan makes an appearance.. But this film clearly belonged to Darsheel Safary.. The kid clearly needs braces, but can act.. I mean think bout sharing screen time with Aamir.. it gotta be tough yaar..

It made the girls go aawww.. It made the mummies cry.. Hard hearted men, who spent half their lives duping people hurried to the loo to cry there where no one saw them.. And yeah there were a few emotionally dyslexic ones who couldnt get what the big deal bout being dyslexic was!! Abhishek Bacchan was dyslexic.. and he turned out well.. almost.. Cant be sure after the Drona debacle.. How come Drona didnt make it to the list? :P

Dil Chahta Hai
Year of Release: 2001
Points scored: 5.29

The baap of all movies big and small.. Guess what? Aamir again!! Farhan makes a re-entry.. And even Akshaye Khanna gets to be on the list.. I mean who wud have thought that..

The success of this movie is evident from the fact that it is the only movie with an score of over 5 points!! Only 10 % of the total voters didnt have DCH on their lists.. rest all did!

Cult Classic is what is DCH! The weird thing bout Aamir is that out of all the movies he has done after 2000, only Fanna and Mangal Pandey dont feature on the list.. In his defence, he does only one movie per year.. Emran Hashmi has done more movies than Aamir has for crying out loud!!

All in all.. DCH is a movie we will watch with our kids and even they will identify with it (hopefully).

Some interesting facts:
* Sandhya, Harish and Aditi had 7 movies out of the Top 10 on their lists. Sandhya and Harish are among my closest friends! Its weird how similar they are! But the closest among them was Sandhya, around 12 points, its almost as if she knew what the list is gonna be like!!!
Update : Neeraj got 8 movies right.. so that makes him the closest to the final list.. Sorry Sandhya, move over, we have a winner!! (Counting mistake ho gaya tha.. my bad!!)
* Why hasnt Emran Hashmi made the list?
* There were around 40 movie nominations.. Such varied people had participated!
* Why hasnt Emran Hashmi made the list?
*Shweta had the least common list.. Only two of her TOP 10 matched the final Top 10
* A wednesday came in 11th (Thought it deserved a special mention)
* #12 .Sarkar
#13. Lage Raho Munnabhai
# 14. Kal ho na ho
12, 13, and 14 had the same scores (1.47) the ranks were then finally decided based on the number of lists they had found mention on.. sarkar was on 7 lists, lage raho on 5 and kal ho na ho on 4 (Kal ho na ho? sersly? I have too many girls voting :P)
* Why hasnt Emran Hashmi made the list?

Special Thanks :
* To Shruti for reminding me that today is the day that I had to post the Top 10 list. Its 3 am in the morning as I write this..
* To Purnima for that amazingly long and interesting mail explaining why particular movies were on your list and why a few others werent..
* To Everyone who took their time out to vote..
* To Emran Hashmi well... you just make us laugh man!!! Dil royee ya Illahi.. tu aaja mere maahi... Top 10 movies (2000-2008)SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Part 3 (final and concluding part) of the "Hey Dog" trilogy.(Yeah, just like MATRIX!!)
Read the Part 1 -Hey Dog (The original dog!) here..
Read the Part 2 -Hey Dog (Dog's day out!) here..
Read the Part 3 - Hey Dog (The return of the wise one) here..
(No reference between the three, just like MATRIX!!)

There is this old dog who has made my building's garage his home. He spends the day lazing around, sleeping, wagging flies off his tail.. Sometimes he takes a stroll around the building, to check if everything is right in his kingdom.

Whenever I get out of the house to buy maggi rice noodles (Its addictive I tell you) hes there, looking at me.. As if saying- "Too much noodles is not good for you bow wow.."

Last week he shifted home from the garage to infront of my door. Now he lazes around sitting in front of the door. Whenever I open the door, hes there..

One day while I was leaving home to buy another pack of you-know-what.. I opened the door and stepped out, by mistake I stepped on the dog's tail..

"Bow wow wow.. ", he yelped..
I was confused. I didnt realise I had stepped on its tail..
"Whats wrong? You hungry doggy woggy?", I said (Note: I dont usually talk like tht)
"Bow wow bow wow.."
"Bow wow.. step off my tail you frickin moron!!"

I realised then that my right foot was on his tail.
"I am sooo sorry.. I didnt realise tht.. I didnt.. Dog!!Did you just talk?"
"Bow? Bow wow wow.. Bow wow!"
"Kid me not.. I heard you talking.."
"damn it.. "
"Wow.. A talking dog!"

"Wht do you mean a talking dog? all dogs can talk! All you need to do is step on their tails.." "Really? Step on their tails and they talk??!"
"Yeah.. either that or they bite.. one of the two for sure.."
"Oh.. darn.. Why didnt you bite?"

"I am too bored to bite.. I am old.. Plus I have cavities in my pre-canines.."
"Oh.. sucks.. er.. actually its good.. or else you would have bit me.. I really dont like the fact that when you bite humans the poor souls have to get 7 injections.."

"It was 14 when I was young.. And I think something is wrong with you humans, I have bitten Damnu, changu and mangu.. they never had to take any injections.."

"Oh.. why did you bite them?"
"They were eyeing my fourth wife..Ah..she was a Pomeranian.. I always had a thing for Polish beauties.."
"You guys have 4 wives?!!"

"4 wives and 3 mistresses.."

"3 mistresses? Shouldnt you be calling them you bitch-tresses?! hahahh snort..hahaha.."

"Watch your tongue.. I might be old, but wont take a word against my women.."
"Wow.. and by women you mean bitches.. hahaah.. hehe.. hahahaha.."
"Grrr.." , The dog bared his teeth..

"Sorry sorry.. I wont say a word now.. So, whats with 7 bitches mate? You must be a stud when young.."
"Hmm.. I kinda was, but you know how it is, we get more distinguished with age.. Young bitches want dogs who are well settled and respected.."
"Wow.. Its kinda like that even here.. Case in point : Richard Gere. He gets all the good ones.."
"Yeah.. saw his photo in the paper once.. kissing some girl.."
"She was Shilpa Shetty.."
"Yeah.. She won Big Brother in the UK, didnt she?"
"Gee.. You know so much.."

"I used to sleep outside The Times of India in my early years.."

"Wow.. I could use your help.. My GD- PIs are coming up.."

"Anytime mate.."

So it had come down to this, taking a dogs help for mba entrance prep!

"Anyways mate, I gotta go.. have a date..See her there?"

"That white dog?"
"Shes a BITCH you idiot.."

"Oh.. sorry.."

"I dont look at your girl and say - that MAN, do I?"

"Really sorry.. I look down there.. at her.. er.."

"Dont you dare look there.. or you ll be dog meat... and that dog would be me!"
"I didnt mean to.. er.."

"Dont you see her curvy shape, her lovely doe eyes, even her whiskers are so cute.."

"Er.. I.. I.. I am not much into bitches you know.."
"Anyways, I dont have time for stupid humans like you.. I have a date.."
"What do you do on a date, if you dont mind me asking.. As in, apart from the licking and smelling each other's you know what.."

"Oh, we havent got there yet.. We are just getting to know each other.."
"I see.. So what are you gonna do today? Going some place swanky?"

"Lemme see, first we will chase a few trucks, then maybe cross the road and scare a few drivers, after that I will take her to Hiranandani, some garbage cans they have, I tell you.. You should take your girl there sometime..."

"Umm.. I dont think she will be interested in garbage much.."

"Dont be so sure..!! Shes interested in you!!! bow wow woowwhoww..."
"Dont you have to go chase cars or something?"

"Yeah.. my bitch is waiting.. bye then.."

"Yeah, ..Even I have to buy stuff.."
"Too much Chinese noodles is not good for your health btw.."
"Umm, is it? People in China always eat Chinese food , ofcourse, there they just call it food.. The point being nothing happens to them.."

"They dont grow tall.. Someone like you would be tall, dark and handsome there.. or atleast tall, dark.."

"Hmm.. so I will reduce my noodles intake. Thanks 'wise one'. Can I call you that?"

"Is it sarcastic?"

"Pretty much..."



As I watched them walk away into the sunset, I couldnt help think of a similar pair in the human context..

Yes, Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty.. mrgreen Hey Dog: The return of the wise one (Part 3)SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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I love the whole world : The song rocks

She stood there on the bridge looking at the green ocean below.. He stood beside her, looking at her.. The cars wizzed past them.. Cement rails seperated the walkway from the busy freeway... Its weird that on the busy 6-lane bridge, they were all alone..The wind played with her hair, not letting them stay in place.. She tucked a strand behind her ear.. He wished he could do that for her...

"Why is the ocean green?", she asked innocently..
"Oh.. thats coz of green algae.. Algae is responsible for 70% of the world's total oxygen through photosynthesis.. ", he answered.. Too much reading does that to you...
"Kya re.. You are such an engineer..."
"Oh.. so you want the not-so-scientific answer.."
"Yeah.. "
"Hmm.. Well, the ocean is green with envy.."
"With Envy?", she asked, kinda surprised to hear that..
"Yeah.. It envies me.."
"You? Why? What have you got that he doesnt..?"
"I got you..", he smiled..
"Oh.. Thats so mushy.. ", she said trying to supress a blush..
"I ll never get girls! When I give her a scientific answer, she calls me nerdy.. When I give her a romantic answer, she calls me a softie! Girls I tell you!"
"Its so beautiful na.. the ocean..I like the ocean.. and the mountains.."
"You know what I like?"
"That line never gets old!"
"Wants you to break into a song, doesnt it?"
hummiyaa... hummiyaa.. hummiyaa... hummiyaa..
To be sung on The Discovery channel: I love the world theme..
The Pink lines are to be sung by the girl (If you have a girl around that is!) The blue ones are to be sung by the guy!! (

hummiyaa... hummiyaa.. hummiyaa... hummiyaa..
I love the ocean..
I love the mountains..
I love the birds that fly..
I love the fountains..
I love the whole world,
its such a perfect place..
hummiyaa... hummiyaa.. hummiyaa... hummiyaa..
hummiyaa... hummiyaa.. hummiyaa... hummiyaa..

I love when you look at me..
I love the deep blue sea..
This is where memories rest..
My thoughts be undressed..
I love the whole world,
its such a lovely place..
hummiyaa... hummiyaa.. hummiyaa... hummiyaa..
hummiyaa... hummiyaa.. hummiyaa... hummiyaa..

I love the beach sand..
I love when you hold my hand...
I wish we could live here...
Your wish.. My command..
I love the whole world,
its such a perfect place..
hummiyaa... hummiyaa.. hummiyaa... hummiyaa..
hummiyaa... hummiyaa.. hummiyaa... hummiyaa..

I love the setting sun..
I wish it could wait a while..
I love the winters..
I love your dimpled smile..
I love the whole world,
its such a lovely place..
hummiyaa... hummiyaa.. hummiyaa... hummiyaa..
hummiyaa... hummiyaa.. hummiyaa... hummiyaa..

Whenever we can...We gonna sing this song..
I am astonished, how did we work this on!
Arent we getting late.. now that the sun has set..
Its just six twenty.. I m so sure I can bet..
hummiyaa... hummiyaa.. hummiyaa... hummiyaa..
hummiyaa... hummiyaa.. hummiyaa... hummiyaa..

I love the whole world,
its such a lovely place..
hummiyaa... hummiyaa.. hummiyaa... hummiyaa..
hummiyaa... hummiyaa.. hummiyaa... hummiyaa..

"That was great!"
"Care to do it again?"

hummiyaa... hummiyaa.. hummiyaa... hummiyaa..
hummiyaa... hummiyaa.. hummiyaa... hummiyaa.. I love the whole world : The song rocksSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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I wanted to do this... Make a list of all time hit hindi movies. Why u ask? well.. coz I have nothing else to do! But then I realised that was too much work.. So I decided on this, short and sweet.. List of top 10 hindi movies in the 2000s..
I have pre-selected the movies for you, so it makes it easier for you guys. Also you wouldnt have to come across movies like "Reshma ki Jawani" or "Bhutiya Haveli" so it also makes the selection faster. For my friends whose list would mainly comprise of movies like Reshma ki.. (you know who you are), my sincere apologies

Accha.. so I hope you guys have got what we gotta do - Go to the link below, rank your movies and mail them to me, cool?

Go here-

Thanks guys..
Take care
Have fun Top 10 hindi movies of the last 8 years (2000-2008)SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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