Everythings fine.....

She stood there...As pretty as ever..."Hi! Where are you?" Her voice sounded as sweet as it did 8 years ago. Thank god testosterone doesnt touch girls!
"I ll be there in a moment..", he said. He could see her from the first floor of the mall...She wore a white kurti and a pair of jeans.

They shook hands. She looked at him and smiled... Her smile could light up a thousand rooms. Its the kind of smile which makes you feel everythings fine and if its not, it will be...Her eyes were soft, her hair were long...she was shy, simple, elegant, girlie, pretty...She was the kind he dreamt of...The kind you wanna take home to your mother...The kind you read about in Novels but never meet in real life..He pinched himself a couple of times to check if this was a dream...It wasnt..

He had never acted this schoolboyish for any girl.. He came from work, took a shower, got rid of the stubble he was sporting from a couple of days and rushed to the mall to reach 15 mins before time. All this from a guy who doesnt even care to comb his hair and always reaches late when his friends call him..

They talked.. About movies and places and stuff.... She did the talking most of the time...He was amazed at how much this girl knew..He knew no other girl who could hold a conversation like her..."Shes so intelligent..so well read", he thought... And the innocence with which she puts up her point, leaves no scope for an argument.. His friends say that he argues a lot... If there was one girl he could never argue with, it would be her..
He did say some gibberish every now and then and She laughed at all his silly jokes...and it was nice to hear her laugh..she laughed like a 7 yr old would, with all her heart and with innocence brimming over..

He thought about the day when she told him that she ll be coming to India... He never thought she would wanna meet him too..And He never had the guts to ask her if she would...
But tonight he had been good..There werent many occasions when he was awkward.. He carried himself pretty well,he thought...

It was getting late and she had to get home..It had been more than 2 hours, it seemed like a lot less than that though...

"I have to get going.",she said.


"Thanks for everything."

"Thanks...Thank you...", he said..


Time stood still...

She smiled..

And everything was fine.......


Kinda abrupt ending, no? But I dunno wht happens next, so I guess you guys will have to do with it... Plus this is my first attempt to write something in this genre so pls dont make fun of my writingexclaim ...
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3 letters to the editor:

    On January 7, 2008 at 10:35 AM     
    Anonymous said...

    This story is so much like me. The same happened to me. Well not exactly the same but some thing like this.

    She was in bangalore to meet her fiance and called me to meet her. we met had a great day togehter. saw movie did some shopping and now she is happily married and i am still in bangalore

    On January 7, 2008 at 10:37 AM     
    Anonymous said...

    BTW i liked the story may be it is a story i can related my self to. Hope to see you post more often and no doubt ur story has got something!!

    An abrupt end is no way bad. sometimes it gives the reader to think about the end themself!!

    nice attempt.
    attention to details is good enough.
    next time try to develop th story along with th characters.
    and dont worry abt explaining ur stories or their endings from next time...
    just leave it as it is. the reader is supposed to figure it out for himself.