Life in Cartoon motion..

"You watch cartoons?! You are supposed to be 21 and all grownup and working?!"

"Hey! dont call it a cartoon!Its NOT a cartoon! Its..its..a way of life.. an art form...Its Life in cartoon motion!"

Its been 4 years since I have been addicted to The Simpsons..More so in the last months tht I have been working..I dont know why I appreciate it more now, it could be because it brings a lil insanity to my perfectly sane lifestyle...Everyday at 6 in the evening, I watch the most awesome yellow coloured family perform their antics..Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and the little
ones name I forget, but she doesnt do nothing apart from suck stuff, so shes not important..

It must have taken a genius to sketch the characters, I mean apart from the 5 main characters, everyone else is so well crafted, Moe(the bartender), Apu(the Indian), Nelson(the school bully), Principal skinner, Mr. Burns(the rich old guy), Krusty the clown... I mean, just so much thought and energy has gone into each character, like for eg, one of my fav characters - Apu(yeah, coz hes an Indian). Now they had an entire episode on apu's hes an engg from Calcutta tech (theres no such institute btw razz) and how he comes to the US for his MS, overstays his Visa, and becomes an illegal immigrant..

There are so many episodes i have loved,like "I didn't do it" episode which is also the first Simpsons episode I saw almost 4 years ago,then there is the Springfield idol contest,but my fav is the one in which "Homer comes to India"...Homer is made head of Operations,India(Mr. Burns' outsourcing plan)... He accepts the offer coz he thinks India and Indiana are the same!!

Homer Simpson grunting the famous quote

D'oH! Here he meets Kavi, Apu's brother(Apu had described him as medium height, dark hair, dark brown eyes!Wow! tht would help!wink) Kavi operates a Call centre, for Australia, US, Jamaica all at the same time razz

Well anyways, Homer does well enough here, coz he comes up with all these silly anecdotes from a managemnt book Marge gave it to him..But once he gets absolute power, it corrupts him absolutely.. The Indians start worshiping him.. Mr.Burns get a wiff of this and he comes rushing
to India..

Burns:Hes not god!

One Indian : Ofcourse we know hes not god..

Second Indian: But we want him to stay here coz he told us about weekends off and coffee breaks and maternity leaves!

Burns: What? Simpson, you are fired..(To the Indians) All of you are fired too..

Indians: whoa! hurray! 3 months pay in advance! Retirement bonus!


You should have been there should have been there...
The episode ends with a dance routine - bollywood style.. the song -"Pal bhar ke liye koi hame pyar kar le.. " Heres the link

But Simpsons is not all stupidity, sometimes it makes a lotta sense, esp when they express their love(in a weird way though) towards each other.. Like there is episode when Bart bugs lisa, and she calls for a restraining order against him.. But then she remembers how Bart had made her laugh when she lost her pet and some other mushy stuff tht we men shudnt talk about.. But you get the point dont you?

There is a little bit of Simpsons in every family, just a bit.. There is a bit of Nelson, moe, apu, skinner in our lives.. We keep meeting these characters, we just dont recognise them coz they sobre up once they get into 3-D..
But if life was a cartoon, I am sure we could appreciate the
Homer in us..Afterall, all of us need a little D'oH in life!
This is life.. Life in cartoon motion...

The Simpsons on Star World

6pm India
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2 letters to the editor:

    On April 6, 2008 at 9:25 PM     
    aroop said...

    the best cartoon ever by a mile and half..

    On April 6, 2008 at 10:37 PM     
    Unknown said...

    aaaaaaaaawwwwwww.............that is si cute and philosophical!!

    but u r right.....we all have a bit of "crazy and weired" is all of us :)