More crap coming up…

Now tht I stay at my home in Mulund for the PL(prepatory(?) leave),you can expect me to blog more…This also means the Quality of the posts is going to come down(not tht it was very high to start with)

In other words….you are gonna get more crap than you ordered for!!

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To prove a point…

The best feeling in the world is to prove the world wrong!

-Arshat chaudhary

This post is important for all those guys who want to know how achievers think…

There is a girl in my class who got selected for the interview at Schlumberger..
There are very few girls whom I rate so highly…She was in a bit of dilemma(or so I thought)…
She has two companies in her kitty already…SLB would be the third if she makes it…
She has a score of 1480 in GRE…and A GPA of over 8.0…This guarantees a seat in the best univ. in the US
She scored 99.32% in CET this yr..This makes her elligible for Jamnalal Bajaj(one of the top coll in the country)
She was a merit ranker in SSC
She is a NTSE topper(tht makes her one of the best in the country)

I asked her if she was confused with so many choices to make…
She: Not at all…
Me: So what do you plan to do after BE?
She: Job,obviously!
Me: Then why give GRE,CET?
She: To make a point!!
Me: To make a point??Whom do you wanna make a point to???
She: To my parents…To my friends

Why does she feel like tht??Hasnt she made a point already??

She has made many points!! She has made a line!!
Still she cant let go!!

Why cant people let go? Relax a little…enjoy the scenery…lift the foot off the pedal a bit??

After all that we have achieved we still want to prove a point…

Hope one day we can start living for ourselves…

P.S.-This post is not to prove her right or wrong…This post is to give the readers a insight into the minds of the best in the city
Btw,I endorse her view…but cant help feeling guilty in the process.

I guess we were not just born to kick butt,top every exam,crack every interview…

I hope there is a day in my life when satisfaction would overcome desire…Waiting for that day…

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Pls read THIS post on SLB to understand kya jhool chalu hai

As expected,Deepak made it…So did Jagruti…The following guys did not make it-Rahul Bhat,Sameer,Supriya and above all(heh heh)me!
You could say I am in good company(no pun intended)…

Along with this post I would also like to share this experience…

Now as most of you would know,Sclumby was a dream company…majorly coz it had an enormous package(7.5 lacs)
When I was at their corporate office,I met a petroleum engineer from MIT pune…He was currently placed in Singapore in some company(whose name I dont remember) This company is Schlumby’s competitor and pays him 20 lac Indian rupees per annum….

He was here at SLB to give an interview.SLB was ready to pay him more than the current co he was in.

Now,MIT is an average college…with average students…Still they managed a salary tht would make grown-up men cry…
He was not very happy though…

“In this industry you get a lot of money,but you dont get time…”

Still,he couldnt let go of the money.After earning about 40 lacs for the last 2 yrs he still yearned for more…

Here he was at SLB,ready to slog…maybe for the last time…or maybe not…

Maybe money is the most important thing life…or maybe not…

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I just dont want Australia to win this World Cup…
Top 5 reasons are given below…
1.I dont like sledging…Sledging is synonymous with Australians
2.Its boring to see the same team win again and again and again…
3.They are taking the Ugly Australian tag a bit too seriously…
4.They are too methodical…This is killing the unpredictable nature of the game
5.They pushed Sharad Pawar from the podium…Not tht I care,but I wasnt getting a fifth reason. Top 5 - World CupSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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The Department…

Right now I am in the Department…..Not the Police department…,the mech dept…This post only to remind me tht sometimes even the dept has net access… The Department…SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Farewell video…

Remember the farewell I wrote about(I am hoping against hope that you read my blog regularly…)

Well the video is available for download….HERE

Its a 68 Mb file…but trust me(a little difficult,I know) its worth every byte…

Update: The YOUTUBE link is here…Now enjoy the video in streaming…

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Dear Reader…Pls read this post if you are in Engg…If you are not in engg.,better not read this coz…coz…well…coz it will sound like crap!(Not tht my other posts sound any better)

All this time in engg. I had wondered what was the Black book all about??(I hope you have seen those Black Books in the Library…If you have been to the library that is!!)
Kab woh din aayega jab mein black book submit karoonga??
Guess what? woh din aa gaya!
Have my Project vivas this thursday…

Had to dedicate atleast one post for the project we did(did??) in the last yr of engg.

Our topic is supposed to be”modeling the supply chain

This project was to be completed within the last 1 year…we did it in the last 1 day…actually last 3 days…

After a lot of copying and pasting,we finally completed the Hurculean task…

I only have to get the binding and the embossing done.Once tht is done we will be free from the clutches of our guide…I am so gonna miss him.NOT!

That Black Book with Golden Embossing..SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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This post is just to tell you that you have to watch this movie…CITY OF GOD

Dont miss it if its your friends wedding(and dont tell me ABHI-ASH are your friends)

Dont even miss it if its your own wedding(and DONT tell me you are ABHI or ASH…)

In short…one of the best movies of its times,dont miss it!!
Guess its on at Huma(kanjurmarg) 8.30 pm

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300…teen sau…

Read this hilarious post by greatbong here


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Have a look at the counter that I have placed on my side bar….Scroll down….down….below Meta….

Yeah tht pink number….It shows a four digit no….doesnt it?

Thanks to you readers I have completed 1000 hits…..Not that I get a prize for completing 1000 hits or anything….Its just tht it feels good tht there are people who take time out to read my ramblings….

It feels even better when you dont have high expectations….When you are on the wrong side of Murphy,you dont have high expectations(read here what Murphy thinks about me…)

I started this blog on Jan 19…..its been 3 months ….90 days….1000 hits….You do the math…

Thanks for being there guys! Keep reading….

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The farewell

When the farewell got over,I felt a void…as if a part of me was missing…a sense of loss…still there was a sense of satisfaction….a sense of achievement…There was a time when I wanted to quit…now here I was….almost engineer!

There were times when I thought I had made a mistake getting admission here…I always felt like I was a misfit…Did I belong here?…Why people look forward to college??…Why do I have to change 2 trains to reach to college…?? Why even at 95% I didnt get into VJTI…?Why am I so drained out when I reach home?…Why is the local always crowded??

But yesterday all these questions did not plague me…I had different set of questions…Is it over already?? Why is it over?? It wasnt tht bad,was it??
All these feelings for my college??or were these feelings for my classmates??Was I going to miss my Profs…?
All this coming from a guy who rarely attended college…Infact my attendence in the past one year has been more than first 3 yrs combined…You wont find me in any of the group photos…maybe 1 or 2..but definately not more than that…

Maybe it was the worst thing tht happened to me…
Or maybe it was the best…
Now I know why people look forward to college…Now I know what people do in the college canteen,sitting for hours at a strech…

Misfit?? Maybe?? But I guess I am always gonna be a misfit…There are very few like me…right?? :-)

Where do I belong?? Here’s where I belong

Hearts cry as friends depart…
Want you to know tht only distances hold us apart…

Thank you for the memories….

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We had our mech farewell yesterday…By mech farewell I mean BE mech’s farewell…
It was probably the best farewell one could ask for…
The presentation,the movie,the song dedications,the speeches,the poetries and the one act plays…

The best part was the clip tht Pushkar Sheth edited…
The track tht played in the background was the Kal ho na ho title track,I never really liked tht track…But yesterday I realised tht it was because of SRK’s presence on the screen…

I regard Nagesh Kukunoor as one of the best directors of the country…If Pushkar tries hard enough he can get into tht league…This may sound as an over statement to some,but then you should have been there!

The best scene was when the classes go empty….Also Hase’s dance was cool…
I will be posting the link to the video here soon…

UPDATE: Download the clip HERE….Pls note tht it is a 68 mb file….Also note tht it worth every byte!!

A special mention of Prasad Gaikwad’s Mimicry…We had co-written the script…
The Story:All prof. go to watch Dhoom2,what happens next is fun…detailed script will be put up after some time..

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Ties and Sarees

“Saree lag gayi!…Sorry lag gayi!”
-Kamal Hasan…Chachi420

Dont have the slightest idea why thts funny…But I laugh everytime I hear tht line…

The topic finds its way here coz we had our Tie and Saree day today…
Whats so special about it??…I dont know!! But I have seen girls standing in some corner of the college, giggling,discussing among themselves,as to which earings would go with the green saree her maasi(mom’s sister) gifted her on her 20th birthday…

Not that guys are any less enthu…Prasad tried 3 different ties on 3 different shirts(tht makes it 3!=6 times) until he got the matching right…

Today was also our farewell…
I couldnt attend it….Had to visit a dear friend who is not keeping well these days…

I know a farewell would come only once in my life(if I decide against doing an MBA)…but today I didnt have a tough time making a choice…

It was so clear…I had made my choice…I had to meet my friend….

He is the guy who stood by me when I needed him…In the 4th sem I remember when I had fallen sick…
I fell sick in the 5th week(19 feb…I remember the date…).I was given high grade antibiotics…Never recovered fully in tht semester…Fell ill 3 or 4 times more in the same sem…I sucked in my vivas…First(& the last) time I thought of quitting enggineering….I am not a quitter… I am a fighter…But,I guess a wounded fighter is no good…

I was sure of failing in the written exams…We had a PL of about 20 days…8 days I tried to study on my own,its really difficult when dont even know the basics of the subject….

Called this friend on the night of the 8th day…Not for asking help…Arshat doesnot ask for help…Arshat is too proud to ask for help….
But he himself offered to help me study…Started coming to my house to teach me…I was amazed by his knoweldge and his method of learning…

We started doing nights…12 days were too less to complete whole semester…I had to do it…But he didnt have to! He did it just for me!

‘An emotional fool’-thts what I call him…thinks from the heart…
Today I had to make a choice…my brain didnt do the thinking…my heart did!
Who was the emotional fool today…?

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I cleared the apti(believe me,I was as shocked as you are).

The feeling of contempt is not becoz the company pays a whopping 7lacs per annuum(they say only iitians raked in the moolah!)….The feeling of satisfaction here is to find your name among the best of the class…

There are about 6 who have cleared….Sameer(God),Supriya(Goddess),Jagruti(amazing PR),Deepak(Newton),Rahul(God)(sorry I ran out of nouns!)…

In all probability I wont make it…But still I can hold my head high,coz I made the cut…More so,it helps me to identify the fact tht Siemens(currently placed here) was no fluke!

I am in two minds…if I make it in Schlumby,I loose my Siemens job…Dont wanna loose Siemens!Formed a bond with them(especially after the college bag they gifted us…)

The interview is on sunday at nariman point….

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Today was the busiest day for me and my cellphone…
Slept at 3 am last night…was tring to solve some RAC(Refigeration and Air-Conditioning,duh?)problems with Prasad gaikwad(my roomie)’s help…

Got a call from a friend at 5 am…But he is such a dear friend tht getting angry at him is difficult(even if he calls during tht time of the day, actually night…)

After a brief talk,I slept…My Dad called up at 7am…Still asleep? Rise and shine!
I tried to sleep again,Shruti called me up at 8 am…Hitesh followed next at 8.30…next was Umesh Koli at 9.15….next navin’s message arrived at 9.35…’When are you guys coming to coll?’
Tht was it! These people were determined not to allow me sleep!My sleep got disturbed…Music is said to sootheyour senses so I turned on the music on my roomie’s P990…After listening to Aadat remix no.6(there must be atleast 17 of those),slept again…

Got some calls from a friend who wanted to meet me…Shruti called again…some calls from Kunal…one from Deepak…a few messages congratulating me on clearing the Schlumberger apti…Sid and Koli called in the evening
All in All a very busy day…

P.S. The avg calls tht this blogger gets is about

0.79.It would have been 0.56 had it not been for people calling on my birthday…

[All averages calculated on an yearly basis…]

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Top 5

Top 5 most pretty women in the sitcom world….

1.Alyssa Milano(from the series CHARMED)

2.Courtney Cox(from the series FRIENDS)

3.Jodie Sweetin(was just 13 in the last season of FULL HOUSE…not a women technically,but what the heck?)

4.Patricia Heaton(from the series EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND)

5. Jami Gertz(from the series STILL STANDING)

I had a lot of free time !!

Readers could post their Top 5 in the comments

Top 5SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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We did some sight-seeing…Saw Rat temple in the morning…Thousands of rats moved inside the temple.These rats are said to be decendents of Karni mata(who lived around 16 century).There are about 5 rats in the temple who are white in colour(You are considered lucky if you see one).We saw one(we are lucky!yipee!)

Navin interviewed a dutch couple at the temple…

Navin:Have you seen so many rats in a temple?
(Mate,this is probably the firsttime they had seen a temple, and you are asking them whether they had seen rats in a temple??wrong call!)
Navin:What do you think about India??
(Obviously they think India is beautiful or else they wouldnt spend thousands of Dollars or pounds or whatever currency they have in their country,and come here)
Navin:What do you think about Indians?
(They were surrounded by Indians…If they’d say anything against us they knew we would beat the shit out of them!!)
And we wonder why we dont get enough tourists!!

Also about this incident,which proves tht girls just wanna have fun!(so do boys…why single out girls…bloody femenists)

Now the incident…While we were walking in the lobby of our hotel in the night when we heard some of our female classmates singing ‘The SONG’…This song,normally we dont find girls singing…
So we just stopped outside their door enjoying ‘The concert’ when I heard someone coming at the door and I started moving ahead.Umesh Koli was so engrossed tht he couldnt hear the girl coming…She opened the door and there he was(just try and imagine this,a girl opens a door and finds a guy standing there!!)

But the stud tht Koli is…
Koli:Tumhe lok kay kartay?(What are you girls doing?)
(Boy,you are standing outside my door!!You tell me what are you doing??!)
Girl:Kahi nahi timepass!(nothing,timepass!).What are you guys doing?

Koli:Kahi nahi timepass(Well said!)
Koli just wanna have fun !

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We set out to Bikaner..Jaisalmer had already gained the status of the best fun destination,and I guess most of us were very tired to do anything but sleep in the bus…I dont really remember what we did in the bus,so I assume we must have slept for most of the time!When we reached the hotel,the world cup was going to begin…WI vs Pak…Saw some of the match then slept again!!??Did some really weird things tht Deepak wont approve of…,did tht thing anyway…(since I am not an anonymous blogger,I cant give out the details) Day 5SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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