The besties

I am in such a good mood tht even a 8 hr power cut cant dampen my spirits…The last 6 days were probably the best days of my engg life…
Here is a brief account of how(or why) I was busy without any work…
Monday:We played cricket all day…Box cricket actually, coz the Bhavans ground was hosting some cricket tournament.So the volleyball court was reborn as mini-wankhede oval..
Tuesday:Bunked the lectures,surfed the net all day!
Wednesday:Box cricket..Again! No wonder my sister finds me two shades darker than I actually was…
Thu,Fri&Sat:SPACE 07…The power of se7en.. The bestiesSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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All three days were a lot of fun at SPACE…The best being(after a lot of consideration)the last day…
Following chronological order,the first day started with
elims(eliminations,duh!)with people like me getting eliminated in every event…I guess these elims are arranged so tht people like me know tht they are good for nothing(like I never knew!)
Well I did make it through the elims once,for the event..Ignoble ads..where we had to demote the products instead of promoting them!
Visual Impact followed after 6pm officially(7.30 unofficially)…
Second day was fun too,with Casino Royale being our favourite.There was a casino set-up in one of the drawing rooms,with gambling going full-on!Didnt win even after cheating!But did win in a game called code-venture!
Third day was the best coz I did what I normally wouldnt
do….dance!There were these FE girls with us,who seemed pretty interested(in the dance that is!).Learnt a few Salsa moves(the event is called Ballroom dancing).The choreo was really cool,making fun of everyone including himself…
The last event was the Rock Show…lot of headbanging…lot of weird looking guys..lot of second hand smoke…But tht was still fun coz most of my group was there…Navin,Kunal,Siddhant,Umesh and Arshat(thts
me).Also Harish was there(one of my oldies).Two FE girls tht I mentioned earlier are Shruti and Poonam who blended in as if they’d been with us from ages.I guess their bubbly innocence had a lot to do with these three days being so much fun!
And guess who sponsored the event? Its my employer…SIEMENS! SPACE 07….the last one…SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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There is GOLD at mulund!

Yes! There is gold at mulund! All the gold is deep inside the ground…

Actually,mulund was a site proposed for a gold mine back in 1919 by a good British soul(like tht British guy in tht Aamir movie-Mangal Pande) .But this proposal was rejected by a not-so-good-British-soul(like tht British guy in tht Aamir movie-Lagaan)…(Aamir has proably worked with more foreign actors than Gulshan grover,Naseruddin shah and Om puri combined)

Back to the topic…Well,this secret lay deep down the files in some govt. office till 2002…when some BMC guy found it!!!(What was theBMC guy doing in the office??working?? strange!)

The secret was out! Everybody in the BMC knows this fact!But I bet you didnt!

After this secret was known to these BMC guys, they started digging MULUND…! Left,right and centre…!I guess they were finding success(read gold!)in MULUND,coz their attempts at digging continued..They dug the pavements,the road,the footpath….,they dug everything! Sometimes they redug the same place they had dug just days ago!

You must be thinking - why the heck dont they tell this to the general public?? Well,the reason for this is tht they dont want every Tom, Dick and Patil to come with spades and start digging the pavements(actually,they dont want to share the booty)

Also not all of the general public is unaware…Some builders and developers have access to this info! What else can explain two MALLS tht have sprung up…What can explain INDIA’s largest 5 star thts gonna come up here…Alot of digging activity goes on near these malls too…

They say mulund is centrally located,has a lot of greenery,blah-blah-blah! Like I dont know!

You still dont believe me?? Why dont u pick up a spade and start digging?? Who knows,You might just get LUCKY!!!

There is GOLD at mulund!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Top 5 women whose posters I would want in my room..

Since we are talking about “Posters” all the women mentioned have to be celibrities

1.Hrishitaa bhat

2.Hillary duff(when she was 15 yrs old)

3.Sonali bendre

4.Pooja batra

5.Shania twain

Top 5SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Games people play!

I bought a inverter yesterday….Yeah,had to shell out Rs.14000. So now I have 24 hrs power supply…If you dont know how much I love MSEB people,please read it here

Now I dont have to worry about the games tht MSEB guys play right? Wrong! They must have cameras installed in my house I guess…coz they didnt cut the power today!!?

I buy a new inverter and there are no more power cuts??This cant be happening…Why have they singled me out?? Why is this happening to me?

It may sound stupid tht I am opposing the fact tht there was no pow cut today…but actually I am opposing the fact that they play games with our brains…

I am waiting for midnight,maybe they have something more in store for me!

Games people play!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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I got this really funny SMS from my cousin Aroop-

According to a survey,about 42% of the women wanna have premarital sex...
My question is- where the heck are they??!

He he! ROTFL! SMSSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Saw traffic signal with a different bunch of friends yesterday!
Ameya,Bohite,Akshay(the coolest of all),Suril(the most colourful of all),Hitesh and myself set on a voyage to watch this movie...I call it a voyage coz of the travelling we had to do!We must have checked all multiplexes of andheri,I guess...
The prices tht these multiplexes quote are absurd to say the least!
After paying a visit to Fun,Fame and cinemax(andheri),we finally settled for cinemax(goregaon).Thts a good half an hour frm Andheri..The rates were exciting,60/- only!(However,the lack of legroom killed the excitement)

Now about the movie-The first half is gripping.There are about 85 characters(And we were cursing salaam-e-ishq),all fighting for some reel time!What you get is a medley of sorts and u cant make the head or tail of it.
However you tend to believe tht the characters will get connected in some manner in the 2nd half and tht keeps you interested...

The dialogues are really interesting...actually the dialogues r the only saving grace of the movie!The rawness tht is so characteristic of bhandarkar is always there!Bcoz of this rawness,what u get is raw,half-baked characters...

After the movie,you come out searching for a story and an ending..
Corporate had an unfinished ending too,but most of us bought tht coz the story was so damn intresting...Here there is no story,U cant just make a movie based on performances.On the topic of performances,Khemu rocks!
Tht new girl who gets a lot of footage on BT is OK..Sudhir mishra should stick to directing or whatever he does...(makes the character of don seem comic!)
All-in-all, a so-so movie,mainly becoz of the high stds set by bhandarkar himself!
Dont expect a corporate and you will come out happy!

[P.S.-Saw Rajpal Yadav at cinemax,is pretty chilled out!
Also wud like to add tht I was the pillon rider on Suril's Pulsar...
He abuses his bike!I mean,the liberal use of accl and braking is bound to f*** the engine!We even raced a Merc S-class and won!It was thrilling!However,the next time I wanna be less thrilled and more alive!] Traffic SignalSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Bhule toh nahi!

Last week during the Ranji Trophy final(Bengal vs Mumbai) at wankhede,sovrau used to gaze at the empty stands,not without reason...
Just months ago he was there in the stands,shooting for his PEPSI ad...Bhule toh nahi?
He was quoted saying,"Just months ago,I was on tht side...This is life"

Yeah,this is life! Bhule toh nahi!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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The Good Life continues@JUHU beach

This visit to Juhu was prompted by the fantastic show by our gang at sem 7 results...Almost all the guys in our gang managed to get a DISTINCTION results,with Umesh Koli's 73% providing the Icing on an already delicious cake...Umesh overperformed will be an understatement considering his previous best of 66%...
Back to the topic,after the results were announced,I suggested tht we celebrate by enjoying some bhelpuri(at Umesh's expense ofcourse) at JUHU...Everybody(obviously!) agreed...

Let me give u a insight on our gang! It consists of 9 guys...Chetan,umesh,deepak,navin,Kunal,siddhant,hemant,Vishal & above all(heh heh!) me!

All 9 of us got into ricks to reach there.The actual fun started once we were there...After enjoying the scenic beauty for a while,Navin got this brainwave of enjoying the beautiful blue(beautiful and blue here are relative terms!) waters of JUHU. He took his shirt off,folded his jeans and ran into the water..!?@#. This is pretty normal behaviour as far as Navin is concerned.Next instant he was splashing water on everyone...Kunal was his first victim!
Kunal and Navin(now on the same team)then took umesh...
After umesh was taken,an unbeatable trio of Umesh-Navin-Kunal was formed....
With moments they ransacked all the remaining 6 guys,and the next thing we knew,we were splashing water on each other...
After 2 hours of playing in the water,it was time for some pet-puja...Umesh treated us to ragda puri , a dish which is relatively unknown!
After enjoying our hearts out, it was time to head homewards...
I brought home a lot of sand! There was sand in my shoes,my jeans,and some other places which cannot be discussed on this
Thts it for now,will keep you posted... The Good Life continues@JUHU beachSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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The Good Life!

I have been living the good life for the last 8 weeks...Tht includes 3 weeks in dec,4 weeks in Jan,and this week in feb ie 3+4+1=8...

Dec and 1st week of Jan were expectedly good coz tht was vacation time,but m amazed with the kind of fun I am having for the last 4 weeks(in coll)

Let us make a list of what all things I did since coll reopened:-
1.Sleeping(for me thts an activity) for 10 hrs everyday...
2.Attending Tecnobreak,never thought it cud be so much fun!
3.Writing my blog...this is fun too!
4.orkutting... always fun!
5.I m very much into 007 Nightfire...Amazing gameplay!(subject of seperate post!)
6.Movies..watching movies right left and centre!
7.Attending 7islands film festival(was very informative)
Never thought coll cud be so much fun!

Hope I continue living The Good Life..:-) The Good Life!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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I have cleared Sem 7! Cant believe I have!! Ok..Ok..count till 10..1..2..3...10...!yippeee!
If you are thinking tht this is how I "celebrate",every time I pass,then u are mistaken...
Let me tell u tht this blogger has a distinction agg(70.13% to be precise..)so passing the exam should not be a big deal,right? wrong!
This time it was the closest I could get to a KT...I was busy with CAT prep,ignored sem 7 to the hilt.
I studied for FEA for 3 days only...Call me stupid or hate my management skills,I know I blew it even before I got the question paper in my hand..
For the uninitiated,FEA is proably the most bakwaas subject in mech engg...Mechanics maloom hai na?..Fea mechanics ka BAAP hai!

Detailed results are not out yet...I am sure I havent touched 70% this time...U possibly cant after just 16 days of studing!
Chalta hai yaar,KT nahi hai na! Jaan hai toh jahaan hai! ARSHAT PASS HO GAYA!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Arshat has found the way!

Yeah! I have found the way!
The way to stop the war tht might take place between India and Pakistan! Since both these countries have nuclear war heads,the losses could be enormous...
The answer to all this-DOG FIGHT!

Both sides would be given five years to breed the best fighting dog in the world and whichever side's dog won would be entitled to rule KASHMIR. The losing side would have to lay down its arms.

The Pakistanis found the biggest, meanest Doberman and Rottweiler ------- in the world and bred them with the biggest meanest Himalayan wolves. They selected only the biggest and strongest puppy from each litter, killed his siblings, and gave him all the milk. They used steroids and trainers and after five years came up with the biggest meanest dog the world had ever seen. Its cage needed steel bars that were three inches thick and nobody could get near it.

When the day came for the fight, the Indians showed up with a strange animal. It was a nine-foot long Dachshund. Everyone felt sorry for the Indians because they knew there was no way that this dog could possibly last ten seconds with the Pakistani dog.

When the cages were opened up, the Dachshund came out and wrapped itself around the outside of the ring. It had the Pakistani dog almost completely surrounded. When the Pakistani dog leaned over to bite the Dachshund's neck, the Dachshund reached out and consumed the Pakistani dog in one bite. There was nothing left at all of the Pakistani dog.

The Pakistanis came up to the Indians, shaking their heads in disbelief. `We don't understand how this could have happened. We had our best people working for five years with the meanest Doberman and Rottweiler ------- in the world and the biggest, meanest Himalayan wolves."

"That's nothing," an Indian replied. "We had our best plastic surgeons working for five years to make an ALLIGATOR look like a Dachshund."

He He! ROTFL! Arshat has found the way!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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7ISLANDS is a international film festival organised by S.P.JAIN(one of the
top B-schools in the country)
SPCE(my coll)and S.P.JAIN share the campus.Since I stay close to the
campus,and since I had nothin much to do,I decided to spend my time at SPJ...

The festival was scheduled from 26th to 30th Jan(frm 2pm to 10pm
everyday).But I attended the last two days only.

The best short films I saw at the festival are(detailed info about the films is available at

Baghdad ER,Kidnapped,Darfur Dairies(excellent),My country..My
country(Download/Buy this film),State of Fear,The return of paul
jarrett,Human remains(good),Two states of mind(I can pay for this film,The
best of the lot)...

7ISLANDS was really enriching experience,the next time,Book your seat! 7ISLANDSSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Siddharth ashara aka sid aka Bhai(meant in the gujju sense) is ur usual
gujju...God damn witty,super memory,very funny,one of my best friends...
So,this is about him,about sid...
This guy has a 70% agg.,still found it difficult to get placed,tht too
in a coll called SPCE!!!(read the interview below and u will know why!)

Well,hes got placed in Reliance(is tht a surpise??)
His interview is what Adam Sandler movies are made of!!

Interviewer:Tell me somethin about yourself...
Sid: Hi! I am Siddharth...studing in blah blah..usual stuff...

Now the fun begins..

Interviewer:What does siddharth mean?
Sid:Gautam Buddha!
Int:Who was Buddha?
Int:How did he become God??
Sid:He did paschyatap(??),no,he did tapasya...
Int:What is the diff bet nuclear reactor and nuc bomb
sid:I dont know...

after some more Tech ques...

Int:What all places have u visited in India?
Int:where in India,is kashmir
sid: Top pe!(??)
Int:where is punjab?
sid: Uske niche!(??)
Int:Where is U.P.?
sid: Uske niche...
Int: sab ek ke niche ek?? aaju-bajju mein kuch hai ki nahi???
Sid:Sir,aap sab ek ke niche ek pooch rahe ho!!

And guess what? Sid got selected!! Tht too along with Vinayak desai and
siddhant pawar(thes two r the gods of SP!)

I m guessing Sid is blood related to Dhirubhai...If not then the people
at RELIANCE are in LOVE with Siddharth Ashara... In love with Siddharth ashara...SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Last few weeks have been the best weeks of my college life!
There may be many reasons for this new found enthusiasm in my life...
The most profound reason,I think,is the fact tht this is my last sem at SP...
After few weeks(12 to be precise)there will be no lectures...After about 17
weeks I would get my degree...B.E.(mech).
Seems like yesterday when I got admitted to SPCE.I remember the date too-20
oct 2003!

It was the 5th(last) round of admissions.I took the second-last seat(Hitesh
Joshi took the last of SP mech).I remember cracking jokes to lighten the
mood.Sid Ashara(he took the 3rd last seat) seemed indifferent to those
jokes,proably coz they were 'silly' as compared to his level!
I remember asking him wether he was a merit ranker coz he had a stiff upper
lip.I also felt that he was of the serious types!

I bonded better with sid than Hitesh inspite of the fact tht I n Hitesh knew each other for the last one month.

The next day,Sid reached coll before me(actually everyone reaches before
me...I m always late),I saw him sitting on the first bench! "God! this dude
is really sincere," I thought to myself!

I cudnt be wronger(if there is a word like tht)...Next day he shifted to the second bench,then to the third!Kept shifting till we reached the last bench!
Tht last bench became our fav place..We liked the last bench more than we
liked the canteen..

I never really liked coll...U dont like coll when u hav to travel 4 hrs
everyday.The lectures,assignments,tutorials etc.make sure you curb your
The lectures were kinda funny though,Sid cracking jokes at every lecturers
I believe tht 20yrs from now,I am still going to remember these pieces of

Life is full of experiences,isnt it? Good or Bad they add on to your
nostalgia,slowly but surely! Nostalgia!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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Before u get the feelin tht i m a movie maniac,let me tell u the state of affairs I m in!
I have rented a 1 BHK flat in andheri...All this to reduce the travelling time....But this amounts to no Tv(coz theres no TV at the flat)!
For a self confessed TV(read sitcoms) freak this is not exactly Neverland!.
How,then,do I vent out my frustation when I come home(thts every fri-sat-sun)..By watching loads of TV right? Wrong!!

My sis is in the 12th,there seems some unwritten rule in my house tht whenever theres a board exam,the cable will be dissconnected...So its no cable for me for the last 6 months...

I can only go for movies...So here I am watching movies,left,right and centre...

Yesterday it was Salaam-e-Ishq...
Big names,Bigger starcast...
Instead of telling u who was in the movie,I think it would be easier to mention those who wasnt goes..

SRK was not there,Preity was busy sweeping Bandra so she wasnt there,Rani,Aamir,Hritik werent there,Sanjubaba,ash,John..oh wait,I think John was there...

51/2 love stories(1/2 coz sohail-Isha story cant be counting as 1)...One ending(thank god!)

The best performances come from unexpected shores(literally..South Africa in this case)..(Shannon Esra is from SA)

The Govinda-Shannon Esra(the gori mem in the mov.. ) track could have been developed into a seperate movie...Shannon is proably the best foreign actor to have acted in Bolly(if u dont count manisha koirala as foreign)

Khanna did what he does flash his awkward smile.How does he smile like tht?
Ayesha is her usual cuteself...

Anil and Juhi did not try much...
Salman and Priyanka overtried...Sallubhai has an accent even while he speaks Hindi?! (Rahul becomes-Raool..what the @#$!)

John and vidya cry..John cries in the first half(and in the second half).Vidya cries in the second half only(coz she is in comma in the 1st

Did I miss someone??

I dont think so!

Oh yeah there is Tinu Anand as priyanka's manager..n Karan Johar's voiceover is also there..

And,ofcourse there is sohail-isha pair(I almost forgot!)They provide some much needed comic relief..

MY VERDICT: Atleast one story will appeal to you...
Its best if u watch it with your group of friends...
Note tht your group should consists of 6 guys...Even 5 guys will do(coz sohail is non existent) Also the ages of the guys should>25,31,33,40,46...I suggest u wait till u find a group like this!!

[PS:I get the feeling tht is movie is copied from DARNA MANA HAI(rem?),6 stories 1 ending...Salman-priyanka track also seems copied
frm DMH(coz its a nightmare)] Salaam-e-IshqSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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