That Black Book with Golden Embossing..

Dear Reader…Pls read this post if you are in Engg…If you are not in engg.,better not read this coz…coz…well…coz it will sound like crap!(Not tht my other posts sound any better)

All this time in engg. I had wondered what was the Black book all about??(I hope you have seen those Black Books in the Library…If you have been to the library that is!!)
Kab woh din aayega jab mein black book submit karoonga??
Guess what? woh din aa gaya!
Have my Project vivas this thursday…

Had to dedicate atleast one post for the project we did(did??) in the last yr of engg.

Our topic is supposed to be”modeling the supply chain

This project was to be completed within the last 1 year…we did it in the last 1 day…actually last 3 days…

After a lot of copying and pasting,we finally completed the Hurculean task…

I only have to get the binding and the embossing done.Once tht is done we will be free from the clutches of our guide…I am so gonna miss him.NOT!

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