Of gujjus, colours and Holi

Holi cow! Holi is tomorrow and I havent yet shopped for any colours…Talking of colours,I think gujjus neednt buy any colours,coz they already are so colourful! You see,I got about 10 gujjus in my class,all of them colourful..But here I would like to mention only two of them…The first one would be Siddharth Ashara(bhai).You can read about himin my past posts(just search for -In love with sid ashara)

Well bhai,is one of the colourful guys you will ever to see! The spects keep changing according to the latest fashions.Right now it is thick and black,like amitabh’s in KanK(sexy sam remember?)…His Cell phone models change as frequently as Aamir changes his hairstyles! Has a wardrobe full of colours like red,blue,green,yellow!

However the most colourful,the one who takes the cake here and eats it too is Mr.Suril Shah! For starters he has a PURPLE(?) Pulsar with his name printed across it!!. He is a legend when it comes colourfulness…There are
stories about him having yellow shoes(personally I dont think it is true..).Shirts in all colours from pink to green!He has even tried a blonde streaks in his hair…The only other Indian guy I know who used blonde streaks in his hair is…er…umm…no one! Suril is the only guy who could
pull it off!Pretty normal for a guy whose favourite actress is Amisha Patel!
The whole point of this posts is that my friends are so colourful normally,I wonder how they look on Holi! I remember after last years holi,Sid’s face had different hues of red for about a month! What colours do they use there
in Charni Road(Sid’s home)-Asian Paints??

P.S-Gala would wanna feature on the list,but sorry mate,Suril is a tough contender!
Pushkar wouldnt even qualify…He is too sombre…
Jags,vishal,Abhal,Sahil better luck next time!

Another P.S.-The above post is to be taken sportingly…
Comments invited!!

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2 letters to the editor:

    abbe saale..
    class k gujjus k naam leta hain..
    & mera naam bhul gaya...........

    abbe tu toh ek league apart hai be.. taking ur name along with theirs is your tauheen.. :P
    But actually re, looking at your marathi speaking abilities anyone will get confused..