GURU @ Mulund

This is not a repost...I saw guru yesterday(for the second time)...Its not tht i am a mani fan or anything..Its just tht my family hadnt seen the mov and I had nothing else to do! I just went there for the heck of it.
What makes guru so gripping and realistic,is the use of Hand held Camera(pls note)
And guess what? I still cudnt make sense of the songs!! AR rahman tried his best to make a string of (meaningless)words sound melodious,but Gulzarji screwed him up!
How cud u use the words"yeole yeole re yeole yeole oo" in a hindi song?
However there is one gazal in this movie which really seduces the this is the sort of stuff Gulzar is good in!
Maniji,if u stick to Gulzar...make sure Gulzar sticks to urdu!

On the subject of songs,try this song-"Welcome to India"-by ludakrishnan and vikram MC u will ROTFL GURU @ MulundSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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