I cleared the apti(believe me,I was as shocked as you are).

The feeling of contempt is not becoz the company pays a whopping 7lacs per annuum(they say only iitians raked in the moolah!)….The feeling of satisfaction here is to find your name among the best of the class…

There are about 6 who have cleared….Sameer(God),Supriya(Goddess),Jagruti(amazing PR),Deepak(Newton),Rahul(God)(sorry I ran out of nouns!)…

In all probability I wont make it…But still I can hold my head high,coz I made the cut…More so,it helps me to identify the fact tht Siemens(currently placed here) was no fluke!

I am in two minds…if I make it in Schlumby,I loose my Siemens job…Dont wanna loose Siemens!Formed a bond with them(especially after the college bag they gifted us…)

The interview is on sunday at nariman point….

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