We saw S@L (Shootout at Lokhandwala, pls excuse the engg. lingo!)

The censorship in India is funny… Take for instance this movie we saw….. By now everyone who was born after 1975(Sholay A.D.) should know tht there is a song in the movie which goes- “We are the bhais….we are the bhais!!”

I know this song byheart(amazing isnt it? I can never byheart answers, but songs-they are on the tip of my tongue!). How did I byheart the song? I didnt ! It plays so many times on Radio Mirchi tht it just stuck!There are some words used in the song which most people would find objectionable-for eg-

“Bhai hoon main bhai koi fikar na kar, uske maa ki uske bhen ki jo dekhe idhar!”

Now this is objectionable. Censor this if you want. But no…this song plays on every radio station in its full glory.

Here is the interesting bit- When the song was played in the movie the lyrics were changed to-

“Bhai hoon main bhai koi fikar na kar, uski aise uski taise jo dekhe idhar”

I choose to watch an A-rated movie. But I have no control what they telecast on Radio. Shouldnt the song tht plays on the Radio be censored? Why censor the song in the movie? I mean Vivek Oberoi plays a gangster…he has the license to swear! Strange are the ways of the Censorboard!!!

P.S. I have nothing against the song. Infact I find it really cool!

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