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When you come to attend ur college frm mulund(this where i stay)to andheri(this is where my college stays)u tend to expect tht there will be atleast 3 lectures n 1 practical...
But when our GURU called it a day after only 1 lecture,we were disappointed.
However we decided to "invest" our time to watch GURU.
Why GURU?-coz we have a ash fanatic(Kunal Tikare) among us.So instead of blood diamond,it was GURU.

Now,andheri has its share of multiplexes,but i vowed not to watch any movie in a andheri multiplex,after i saw "Gayab"(yeah,the one with Ktussharr)at Fame.The hall was boxy,the screen unlike R-adlabs at mulund..

Back to the topic,we choose the single theatre CHANDAN@JUHU...
Dont let the name fool u! this is not ur usual tickets cost u a heavenly(compared to singulars)Rs.80. The audio system is proably better than most Adlabs i have been to..Another +lus is the fact tht the beach is close by!
We reached the place half an hr early,nd spent the half hr on the beach!

Now the verdict GOOD! The narrative is really good!So is the characterisation. Mani did not allow Ash to irritate us,by keepin her role to a min. But the songs SUCKED big time,no,not the music,but the lyrics!

Maniji? how do u expect Gulzarji to write Guju songs?The poor guy jus managed to pull it in B&B.But not here.It is xtremely difficult to decode the songs!!

Also the end is Unrealistic.We cud hav done wid a bolder end.Its too sugary!

But the songs-#@#! The person who can decode the songs(besides gulzarji)will get The audio CD of GURU(musicless version) frm myside... Guru @ JuhuSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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