I have cleared Sem 7! Cant believe I have!! Ok..Ok..count till 10..1..2..3...10...!yippeee!
If you are thinking tht this is how I "celebrate",every time I pass,then u are mistaken...
Let me tell u tht this blogger has a distinction agg(70.13% to be precise..)so passing the exam should not be a big deal,right? wrong!
This time it was the closest I could get to a KT...I was busy with CAT prep,ignored sem 7 to the hilt.
I studied for FEA for 3 days only...Call me stupid or hate my management skills,I know I blew it even before I got the question paper in my hand..
For the uninitiated,FEA is proably the most bakwaas subject in mech engg...Mechanics maloom hai na?..Fea mechanics ka BAAP hai!

Detailed results are not out yet...I am sure I havent touched 70% this time...U possibly cant after just 16 days of studing!
Chalta hai yaar,KT nahi hai na! Jaan hai toh jahaan hai! ARSHAT PASS HO GAYA!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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