SPACE 07….the last one…

All three days were a lot of fun at SPACE…The best being(after a lot of consideration)the last day…
Following chronological order,the first day started with
elims(eliminations,duh!)with people like me getting eliminated in every event…I guess these elims are arranged so tht people like me know tht they are good for nothing(like I never knew!)
Well I did make it through the elims once,for the event..Ignoble ads..where we had to demote the products instead of promoting them!
Visual Impact followed after 6pm officially(7.30 unofficially)…
Second day was fun too,with Casino Royale being our favourite.There was a casino set-up in one of the drawing rooms,with gambling going full-on!Didnt win even after cheating!But did win in a game called code-venture!
Third day was the best coz I did what I normally wouldnt
do….dance!There were these FE girls with us,who seemed pretty interested(in the dance that is!).Learnt a few Salsa moves(the event is called Ballroom dancing).The choreo was really cool,making fun of everyone including himself…
The last event was the Rock Show…lot of headbanging…lot of weird looking guys..lot of second hand smoke…But tht was still fun coz most of my group was there…Navin,Kunal,Siddhant,Umesh and Arshat(thts
me).Also Harish was there(one of my oldies).Two FE girls tht I mentioned earlier are Shruti and Poonam who blended in as if they’d been with us from ages.I guess their bubbly innocence had a lot to do with these three days being so much fun!
And guess who sponsored the event? Its my employer…SIEMENS! SPACE 07….the last one…SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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