We did some sight-seeing…Saw Rat temple in the morning…Thousands of rats moved inside the temple.These rats are said to be decendents of Karni mata(who lived around 16 century).There are about 5 rats in the temple who are white in colour(You are considered lucky if you see one).We saw one(we are lucky!yipee!)

Navin interviewed a dutch couple at the temple…

Navin:Have you seen so many rats in a temple?
(Mate,this is probably the firsttime they had seen a temple, and you are asking them whether they had seen rats in a temple??wrong call!)
Navin:What do you think about India??
(Obviously they think India is beautiful or else they wouldnt spend thousands of Dollars or pounds or whatever currency they have in their country,and come here)
Navin:What do you think about Indians?
(They were surrounded by Indians…If they’d say anything against us they knew we would beat the shit out of them!!)
And we wonder why we dont get enough tourists!!

Also about this incident,which proves tht girls just wanna have fun!(so do boys…why single out girls…bloody femenists)

Now the incident…While we were walking in the lobby of our hotel in the night when we heard some of our female classmates singing ‘The SONG’…This song,normally we dont find girls singing…
So we just stopped outside their door enjoying ‘The concert’ when I heard someone coming at the door and I started moving ahead.Umesh Koli was so engrossed tht he couldnt hear the girl coming…She opened the door and there he was(just try and imagine this,a girl opens a door and finds a guy standing there!!)

But the stud tht Koli is…
Koli:Tumhe lok kay kartay?(What are you girls doing?)
(Boy,you are standing outside my door!!You tell me what are you doing??!)
Girl:Kahi nahi timepass!(nothing,timepass!).What are you guys doing?

Koli:Kahi nahi timepass(Well said!)
Koli just wanna have fun !

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