The awards just keep on coming...

Its the season of awards.. I have been awarded this new one by one of my favourite bloggers - Bullshee. Now two of my favourite people in the blogworld- Bullshee and Chriz have awarded me. (Note: If you wanna be my favourite ppl, pls award me. It can be any lame award. I dont mind till its an award.)

Obviously, there are rules to every award. For eg. - you dont cry when you receive a national award for your movie, but you are allowed to, infact it is expected of you to cry when you receive a Filmfare.. Anyway, here goes..

How to do this:

a. Put the image on your blog
b. List 10 truths about yourself
c. Give the award to 5 other people
d. Provide meaningful quotation

Tilt your necks.. It says what it says.. Fucking Fabulous Blog.. Gee..My blog is fabulous.. redface

Now before you guys start going chee chee and start thinking of me as someone who goes on rampantly using the F word, well let me tell you that I am very very well-mannered. I dont use the F word. My mechanical engineering mates can now stop laughing. I meant I dont use the word when I am around girls (eg: my mom and my sister). Anyway, now that I have got my award, let me list in 10 truths about myself...

1. I am ALWAYS right.. Yeah.. That is truth.. Or atleast I think its the truth. Hmm.. truth is such a confusing word.. Umm.. let us stick to objectifiable truths... so here goes the REAL list..

1. I was a first bencher in my Junior college days (Thats 11th and 12th for you Delhi guys). I topped the class for like 8 exams in a row. I was a geek. So all you guys who look up to me(all 3 of you) for my Stud-liness, well I was pretty ordinary not too long ago!

2. My inspiration for blogging was Gaurav Sabnis. To be honest, I didnt think I would last more than 3 weeks in the blog world. It has been over two years now! Read his old posts, they were fun. The new ones are, well, boring..

3. I have never been able to dedicate myself to working out. I have started and given up a couple of times. I sometimes look at my Hrithik Roshan like well rounded arms and Akshay Kumar like flat abs and wonder if I really need to work out!

4. I have a very very rare taste in women. Only my sister has been able to decode what I like in women. She can look at a girl on TV and tell if I like her. It is difficult coz very few girls catch my fancy.. I got a wide range! - Hrishita Bhat, Alyssa Milano, Dona Ganguly, Nafisa Ali, Revathy, Sonali Bendre, Sonam Kapoor..

5. I only travel Business class. There are some perks you have when your dad works for a Airline co.

6. I wanted to be a doctor till my 11th grade. Then I was introduced to biology(the subject) and gave up the dream for good. I am glad I took this decision, engineering is not that bad... Only regret is that I cant have a "B.E." in front of my name like doctors have a "Dr.". Also I dont get to say something like - "I am sorry.. Humne poori koshish ki, lekin usse nahi bacha paaye". Not to mention that girls dig hot doctors, engineers are too common, aur kyun na ho, today every Tom, Dick and Patil wants to be an engineer.

7. I have a weird memory. All data involving dates, time etc is automatically corrupted as soon as it enters my brain(that explains why I didnt call u on your bday, you know who you are). On the other hand, I remember lyrics of songs from hindi movies from 90s.. For eg- The Prabhu Deva starer - Humse hai Muquabla. I can sing Urvashi Urvashi at 4 o clock in the morning. Infact I was threatened with dire consequences by my society secretary after I did that once...

8. I share my birthday with Sunil Gavaskar and have also met him. I met him at London Airport, back then I didnt know we shared birthdays!
And I taught him to play the pull stroke... er.. okay, thts a lie...

9. I smoked my first cigarette when I was in my last year of engineering... I wanted to find out what the fuss was about. I smoked a couple cigarettes to be doubly sure before I decided that it sucks, literally. I tried beer once, and I think it tastes like horse piss.. (Do I see Bullshee bashing me up?). I like the taste of vodka, essentially coz it got no taste. But even vodka is a waste of money. The first time I had around 180ml of it, nothing happened.. I ended up solving RAC problems all night long and topped the test the next day in college. I think I was a geek even in Engg college. Dunno exactly when I transformed into such a stud.. Hmm..

10. Dad-son, Grandfather-grandson movies make me all misty.. Yeah, only misty.. Coz I dont cry.. Men dont cry.. They hunt duck, eat raw meat, drink from the carton but they dont cry.
My all time favourite Dad-son, Grandfather-grandson movies are Life is Beautiful and Wide Awake..

I am done for the day.. Too much honesty there.. I assure you hereon I will only come up with interesting dishonest stuff.. This honesty is too much to handle I tell ya!

Heres giving the award to 5 of my people who I think deserve the award.

Santoshwho I know he will come up with something exciting

Chriz - the nuttiest blogger in town
Nupur has no pretense
Harish who has taken a liking to writing
Anjana - the newest entrant

Now for the (meaningful) quote
The more cheese is there.. The more holes are there...
The more holes are there.. The less cheese is there..
Hence, the more cheese is there.. The less cheese is there.. ;)

Speaking of awards, I have been nominated for the best Mumbai blogger .. Hum aapka vote maangne aaye hain!
If you think this blogger deserves to be in the list please vote. How to vote?
1.Register yourself first (I know, such a pain).
2. Log in here!
3. Vote for your favourite blog here (er..that is my blog I hope!)

The one who votes the most for me gets..well.. er.. a chance to meet me!! that too in private!(yeah baby!)

Take care people! The awards just keep on coming...SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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21 letters to the editor:

    too too too much!! i meant the ending 'quote'... and all d best for being mumbai's best blogger :) will vote for u.. hahaha and i get to meet u in pvt eh? :P

    On February 23, 2009 at 7:51 PM     
    Sam said...

    Ok, im blogrolling you... your posts are way too awesome...

    On February 23, 2009 at 8:20 PM     
    NEERAJ said...

    "today every Tom, Dick and Patil wants to be an engineer." ...hehehe, interesting thought i must...
    What makes you come to this conclusion? Well i never wanted to be an engineer. It was never my cup of tea!!!!

    Vodka also tastes bad...!!

    nice 1..
    tune RAC ka test kab top kiya tha re??
    & sab probs kiye the toh assignment chaapne kyu nahi diya????????

    & ha, tu wo votin me kaafi peeche hian..
    so tell all ur frnds 2 vote 4 u....

    congratulations again!! aaj kal tum bhi slumdog millionaire ki tarah awards pe awards jeete jaa rahe ho......hope the trend continues and u win the other award as well :)

    kya baat hai......i didn't know u and sunil gavaskar shared a bday........something else we have in common now :)

    On February 24, 2009 at 12:36 PM     
    Chriz said...

    haha thanks bro... nutty.. yes you are too

    On February 24, 2009 at 12:36 PM     
    Anonymous said...

    well you do deserve the award .. i have read most of your blog ,.. and i really liked it :)

    On February 24, 2009 at 3:36 PM     
    sumit said...

    you are the king man. Though presently i am not voting....iam also a mehanical engineer in making and i am sure u realise how busy our lives is.... Read your blog for the first time and must confees that i havent felt the same for anyone's writings except probably.....mine

    On February 24, 2009 at 3:40 PM     
    sumit said...

    and yes i am also an engineer(if i get through some ...80 papers ) and my name doesnt contain any tom , patil and most certainly not a dick . An achievment...maybe.

    @Elithraniel Arawion
    hehe.. thanks for the vote dude! :)

    Thanks man..:)

    hehe.. good for you mate.. Best of luck for your kid bro!

    hmm.. you are right, but if you compare vodka with beer, it tastes better :)

    arre top matlab top 3 yaar.. :P

    yeah.. sachin tendulkar and gavaskar! we share our bdays with the best indian batsmen of all time!

    thanku thanku

    @pretty me
    Glad that you liked it.. :)

    On February 24, 2009 at 10:15 PM     
    Nupur said...

    Hey thanks for the award!! Yay!! I got my first blog award!! *regaining my senses back*
    Anyways, as always, the post was hilarious... and all the best for the mumbai blogger award!!

    win the latest award too....
    u got a a massive crowd rooting 4 u......

    On February 27, 2009 at 3:39 PM     
    Nikita said...

    Wow!! Congratulations for your second award. I think you will win the best blogger in Mumbai award too :-)
    Really nice post.. made me smile :-)

    I know i am the last one to congratulate you and thank you. But i was too lazy to do so. The second reason was to do all the things at one go. so am doing it after the post is complete.

    On February 28, 2009 at 2:46 PM     
    aroop said...

    mera naam kidhar hai %&$&@#%$^%@&*%$%@%*$%@*($%*$@*@$%

    very late comment! But nevertheless.. Got bashed up by society secretary for singing?! I share the similar experience! bah.. they dont understand our passion for music nly .. !

    Congratulations !! I will also vote for you .. if the voting poll is still open!!! :D

    We got some stuff in common...

    Umm I never got bashed up..lekin people discreetly turn on the radio when I sing in the cab ;)

    Also most ppl in my hostel used ear plugs ;)

    I wanted to be a mathematician till 12th std.. which changed when I saw my sisters' maths book in her FYBsc...

    I keep going in and out of gym too.. u know like once every year :D

    And I hate beer and love vodka too :D

    Umm I smoked my first ciggie just before I changed jobs...

    P.s: You write awesome! And I guess you know it :)

    Wow! those are kind words. Good to know there are people who can connect to my style of writing :)

    u r welcome :)

    Thanks :)

    I hope so too, but its far fetched :P

    :) no probs mate!

    abbe? tera naam comments mein hai! dekha nahi? :P

    yeah, i agree, apni toh baat hi alag hai..

    Oh! finally someone who prefers vodka to beer.. though i dont have any nowadays, but i wudnt gulp down beer even if put a gun to my head.. okay thts an overstatement.. :P

    On March 8, 2009 at 2:31 AM     
    Harish said...

    Hey thanks for my first award..
    U really found beer that disgusting?? :O
    Perhaps u shud have it more often to start liking it then!!

    just reading a few archives from your blog... u just captivate ur readers... good job!!!

    i read that u graduated from Bombay...