Sweat on the dance floor...

My laptop watch shows me a time of 4:33. In the morning. I have decided to call 4:33 morning, since the birds think its morning. They start making all these chirping sounds after 4. Its a pity that I have to base my inferences on birds, but then thats how life is...

Firstly, I apologize to everyone whom I had promised that I will be online on the time(you know who you are). I has grossly miscalculated the stress of this course that I have undertaken here at MDI. I use the word 'undertaken' in the same vein as 'undertaker'. Because its killing me, but I want to 'undetake' it before it undertakes me. Dude, its 4 in the morning, you wont get better quotes than these.

Anyway, to demonstrate the point that we are damn busy, let me drive home a few pointers. Know how MBA students whine about how less time they have and stuff (sissies). Well digest this - These guys have 14 lectures per week(IIMs included). The course that we have, makes us face 27 lectures per week! Thats double of what all other courses in India attend. And they still dont have time! Just imagine what must we be going through! You cant imagine stuff till you actually do stuff - Here I will take you through with the kinda choices I have to make nowadays -

1. Should I cut my nails or read that article the Prof asked to read?
2. Should I go to the cooler to drink water or should I research for that Presentation due tomorrow?
3. Do I study for tomorrow's quiz or do I beat Shantanu's ass at TT(Shantanu, if you are reading this, its my blog and I can write whatever I want, I can make myself look good. Come to think of it, that is the only reason I started writing a blog. Wanna tell your side of the story, get your own blog.)
4. Should I take a bath or write a blogpost?

So whenever you see a post updated here, you know...

I am sure you have got my point. So coming to the other nitty gritties of the program. Its an International Management course. Now this is truly International and one of a kind in the country. In this course we study at MDI for a year and then go to Berlin/Paris for an year. No prizes for guessing that I will be going to Berlin this March. The only other country I would like to be in after India is Germany. I have always had this strange liking for Germany and its people.

Btw, forgot to tell you, since mine is an International course, there are a few firangs who will be joining the class. We have been assigned buddies. Infact I met my buddy today. A German guy. Damn cool. Not as cool as me though. Not his mistake, no ones as cool as me. I dont understand why you are still reading the post. Anyway, I was saying hes pretty cool and knows a lot about India and Indian history. We are waiting for the rest of the foreign batch to come in. Especially the French and German girls. The guys back home must be hating me right now. Saalon, thoda CAT padh lete, you could have been here. And I would be back home. Still sleeping for 10 hours a day. Its because of dumbasses like you that guys like me have to abandon a near perfect life and come to a place where sleeping for 5 hours is a luxury.

Coming back to the to the topic (if there was any), the question remains, why dont I bunk lectures. After all I am no Rahul Bhat! My previous records will show that I have not attended more than 30% lectures in any semester. So why this sudden transformation??
I will tell you why! The Profs here are damn Good (with a capital G). There is this guy who teaches IAS guys some stuff, then there is this Public policy guy has worked with a nobel laureate, then this guy who was appointed by the president of India to head a company... I can go on and on... The way of teaching is excellent. Student particiapation is encouraged. Never ever have I found the Prof not being able to answer my question.. The bottom line being, they are super cool. Also our classroom is eye-candy. I almost love it as much I love my terrace hostel room. The guys here are real nice. Intially it took me a lot of time to make friends, it usually does take time for me, but here it was more than usual, maybe the cultural difference or stuff. But anyway, I am great friends with most of them now, and inspite of the militant schedule we try to have fun.

Fun se yaad aya, we had a party today. It was a thanksgiving party. We thanked our seniors for all they had done for us, and what better way than to host a party for them. It was quite a party. After so many days I had coke today. The soft drink, I mean. Hehehe. Please laugh, its late and thats the best I could come up with. My only problem was with the DJ. So many of mainu-tainu punjabi songs yaar. He must have played Kala Chasma (dont give the importance to the video) around 6 times. I mean, its a good song, but 6 times! And the problem is, had he played it for the 7th times the guys would have still danced crazy! The dance btw has to be bhangra. That is the only dance form allowed. But its pretty easy this bhangra thingy. You should have you hands raised with your index finger pointing towards the sky. Thats it! By the end of the night, even our German classmate had learnt to dance bhangra-istyle.

There are a few French students on the campus too, you should see them dance man! I mean, sometimes even I dont understand what the punjabi song means, but look at these guys yaar, they keep gyrating at anything. Its like me dancing to French tunes!

Anyway, the point being Indians rock, and so do the Europeans, not as much as we do, but we are teaching them, and they should get there before they leave.

One last thing before I wind up, I have to get up early tomorrow, I have a lecture. I know tommorow is a Sunday. But aint got no holiday. Infact, I havent had a holiday since the last 15 days. So why dont I go sleep? Well, I thought I had already enjoyed so much in a night, why not jot it down while it is all fresh.

Anyway, the sky is turning blue as I write this. The posts in the future will be shorter and crisper and more frequent(hopefully) in the future.

Till then guys, take care and have fun.
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10 letters to the editor:

    On July 26, 2009 at 7:04 AM     
    Ashish said...

    I'm being jealous yaar!
    You seem to have a helluva of a time there :)

    On July 26, 2009 at 5:09 PM     
    Harish said...

    Hmm..Thanks for the updates..so enjoying the madness of a MBA..aajkal blog se hi milta hai tera haalchaal :|

    On July 28, 2009 at 6:29 PM     
    sumit Das said...

    Have you watched the movie " Pyaar ke side effects"? In its first scene, Rahul Bose who is a DJ in movie is playing in a punjabi shadi, and is asked to play a song. When he protests that he has already played that song 28 times that night, the man actually takes his gun out to threaten him and gets the song played for 29, 30,31 whatever times.
    By that account you are really lucky that you had to listen to a song only six times and you are still alive to the story!!!!!

    Hey dude...glad to know that u'r having fun in MDI...I was looking forward to u coming to IMT...u wud've learnt the real meaning of fun here ;)
    anyways welcome to the MBA family!!

    On July 30, 2009 at 7:28 PM     
    Madhuri said...

    Hey..nicely written. You do chronicle your day to day life really well! I particularly enjoyed the washing machine fiasco in your previous post.

    On July 31, 2009 at 6:54 PM     
    Madhuri said...

    Loved this post and the previous one. You capture day to day events very well.

    it definitely is a very refreshing post...good one as usual :)
    guess when ur profs...classmates read ur posts...they must be sure impressed :)

    hey i m PGIM 2007-09 student... this post was fantastic... u truly took my down my memory lanes... it looked so awfully hard at tht time... but now i look back with a smile... i m specially pleased by the fact tht u r enjoying classes along with d parties... keep it up buddy... wish u all the luck...

    On August 2, 2009 at 11:45 PM     
    Shanu said...

    Sahi..seems like u having fun (and wrking hard)Dyin to know more abt ur German buddy ;)

    On August 20, 2009 at 4:23 PM     
    mathew said...

    hey..interesting to read that germans had fun...i have a similar fashion with germany..and i love the country.