7ISLANDS is a international film festival organised by S.P.JAIN(one of the
top B-schools in the country)
SPCE(my coll)and S.P.JAIN share the campus.Since I stay close to the
campus,and since I had nothin much to do,I decided to spend my time at SPJ...

The festival was scheduled from 26th to 30th Jan(frm 2pm to 10pm
everyday).But I attended the last two days only.

The best short films I saw at the festival are(detailed info about the films is available at www.bcca.in)

Baghdad ER,Kidnapped,Darfur Dairies(excellent),My country..My
country(Download/Buy this film),State of Fear,The return of paul
jarrett,Human remains(good),Two states of mind(I can pay for this film,The
best of the lot)...

7ISLANDS was really enriching experience,the next time,Book your seat! 7ISLANDSSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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