Paneer Hakka Noodles!

Yesterday, I had 1 medium and 1 small Smokin joe’s pizza for breakfast, lunch and diner. I ate so much that even my sweat smells of cheeze.

Observation 1: Too much of anythin…is bad.

Observation 2: Pls stick to Pizza Hut. Smokin Joe’s suck!

Talking of suck, you know what else sucks? SPCE mess… I used to wonder why they call it “mess” …. Now, it seems no other name would suit it better! We changed the anna (no, not Anna kournikova) three times…For the uninitiated, anna is what the mess manager is lovingly(?) called. This anna is usually a southie from…er…the south! Till a few years ago, only shettys had a monopoly over being anna(Did you know is Suniel Shetty is also lovingly called anna?). But now, any dark guy worth his sambhar is called anna. What the heck, we even had a classmate(Rohit Nadgiri) whom ppl started calling anna!

But its not about SPCE mess, its about Paneer Hakka Noodles

The best chinese dish ever tasted by man! Well, actually its the best chinese dish ever tasted by me, but I am a MAN !

But let me warn you, there arent a lot of places where you can get this dish. If you are any place near andheri or Bhavan’s college, Shyam Sunder is the place to go! Its just outside the Bhavan’s main gate. Its a small and cozy place with prices tht wont hurt your pocket. At Rs.40 a plate, this dish is a winner! If you have an acquiantaince, you can divide 1-by-2. The serving is generous! Its quite filling too. Wash the whole thing down with Mangola….or Thumbs Up if you wanna look macho and all! But seriously dude, how is a soft drink make you look macho? You know its a “soft” drink :)

Btw,Vrindavan, which is opp. to Shyam sunder, looks good from the outside but the chinese is not very good. I would suggest Vrindavan’s lassi. If you are lucky, you might find small time TV actors lurking around!

P.S.- Shyam sunder did not offer this writer a free plate of Paneer Hakka Noodles. And even if he did, why should anyone care! :)

Note: I noticed tht there were many buttons I didnt use enough. I have tried everything in this post. Its pretty colourful,huh?

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