The problem with having friends who work for software companies is that very few of them are actually placed in Mumbai.. I have close friends - one of whom is placed in pune, and this girl whos currently residing in Delhi.. Lets call them Harry and sweety, not to conceal their identity or anything, but just for fun..

So they arent jobless free souls like me.. they are pretty much 9 to 5 guys.. when my sunday evenings are spent playing cricket in the field, it comes as a surprise to me that these guys chat their hearts out on the net.. In other words they do the pretty same things on a Sunday evening what they do the rest of the days. To be honest thats what I do too during weekdays, but atleast there they are getting paid for it..

So this particular Sunday, I was winning the game for my team singlehandedly(some guys think I am Sehwag, with a really bad wig.. whtever!)

So after hitting around a dozen and a half boundaries, I checked my cell for any congratulatory messages..

There were two, but they werent congratulatory..They were what is see as FRANTIC
One was by Harry - Abbe kahan hai? You are needed here..
Second was by sweety - Kahan ho aap? Online aao na.. (Note that she uses the Delhi lingo- aap and all. If in Mumbai you call someone aap, they start laughing at your faces)

I wondered what important work these guys got with me.. I hurriedly completed my triple century (what? the boundaries were short!) and rushed into my abode.. logged in.. I sent a conference request to them.

Sweety has joined Harry has joined
Arshat(thts me btw):


Harry: all 3 here..
oye? kya hua? something serious?
abbe nahi.. timepass..

wht the? Man.. I thought u were getting married..
Harry: who me?

yeah.. both of you..
Harry: hehehe.. or worse, to each other!
Arshat: I think you guys will make a lovely pair! ;)
his mom wud kill me..

Arshat: harry? ur mom does that to women you marry?
oh not now.. she has improved by miles..

see sweety? she doesnt kill them now.. I think you shud give this a try..
nahi re.. she has plans for her future daughter-in-law.. n i dnt fit in thm..

why? his mom feels you arent sexy enough? as in for him.. (Raunchy is my usp)

God! you guys!

hahahaha.. seriously funny.. I just imagined my mom say tht!- "sweety isnt sexy enuf fr u!"
I thout u were scared of your mother...

And what gave u tht idea?
Sweety: Parent teacher meetings..
Harry: oh that! That was 10 years ago.. Baccha abhi bada ho gaya hai..
And he aint talkin metaphorically..
Harry: Infact I had a forced convo with my parents a few yrs ago, thy said i cud marry whomever i like..
Good.. but harry, tht sumhow has nevr been our problem.. the one whom we like never likes us back!- thts the problem..
hehehhe.. kuch bhi..

aur bolo.. hows life?
Sweety: Harry is having fun.. n will start working on a new project..
And sweetys college is on as usual..

You guys knw so much bout each other.. and u say u dont wanna get married :P
Btw, hows sally?

(Sally btw, is the 4th pillar of table? She stays in Mumbai. Harry, sally, sweety and me are frds frm school..)

Shes good..
Phd huh?

Arshat: Yeah.. good college too..
Sahi re..

But I aint calling her a doctor before she gives me a treat..
I am lousy friend aint I?
(Trust him to come up with the silliest question, with no reference whatsoever)
You bet.. the worst I got.. (Trust me to come up with the silliest answer)
chup re arshat.. nahi u r a good frd harry.. y do u say dat?

yeah..whts got into u?
No.. I mean, i dont call, scrap or mail you guys..

Oh.. cant comment on that.. I m a bigger defaulter there ..
Nahi re, I have so many calls free.. and messages free..

u do?
even STD is free..

stop bragging popat, this aint helping your status as a lousy frd :P
Harry: I dont know whats going on in sallys life.. Its been ages since I called her..
Arshat: hmm.. but your credibility isnt dependent on callin her alone.. as in, u always ask bout her when u call me, and she always asks bout u when she calls me..
Sweety: yeah, frdshp is nt all bout callin scrappin and emailing, its bout comfort..
Arshat: hmm.. we hav stuck ard for the last 10 yrs right?..and I dont think we have done tht bad.., I just want you guys to know, phone calls or no phone calls, mails or no mails, we will remain friends forever... I soooo miss u guys.. Do I sound like a girl..?
Harry: yes u do..
Sweety: tht girl..
Arshat: wht girl?
Harry: She knows bout her mate...
Arshat: u told her? kya yaar..!!#$%
Harry: she forced it outta me!
Arshat: yeah.. right..
Sweety: ya ya.. i m very forceful :P
Arshat: oh dear..
Sweety: toh bolo bolo.. give me all the details?
Harry: look at her go.. she wants all the gossip doesnt she!
Arshat: arre thr is nuthing to say...
Sweety: u like her..
Arshat: her who?
Sweety: her.. HER! u like her..
Arshat: this is so 7th gradeish...guys, i m going home..
Harry: hey even i need to go, office tomo..
Sweety: yeah me too, coll early morn..
Harry: hmm bye then..
Sweety: byeee...
Arshat: bye.. take care.. have fun..:)

The problem with good friends is that no matter how far we stay away from each other, we are
somehow very close.. sometimes too close for comfort mrgreen
But yeah, its fun, the only time it is not fun is when the joke's on me.. which is most of the times redface
But seriously, you guys have been great.. And I risk sounding like a girl here, but I soooo miss u guys..
Take care u guys, and remember - I am just a frantic message away
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14 letters to the editor:

    On December 16, 2008 at 8:12 PM     
    Nupur said...

    It was cute! But there are people who crack jokes on you?? I thought, that with your sense of humour... ur frnds wud be saying that!!

    On December 16, 2008 at 8:29 PM     
    Aman said...

    hmmm ya best friends do remain with u for an entire lifetime...and ya u did sound a bit girly :P

    just kidding man...awesome post as usual...btw I thought there mite have been a harry met sally wala there ;-) ??

    On December 16, 2008 at 9:48 PM     
    Anonymous said...

    Yeah friends are the most near and dear one. Its fun to talk with them. no matter when how or where.

    On December 17, 2008 at 1:10 PM     
    happyz said...

    Cheers to F.R.I.E.N.D.S!!!

    Now going back to post I come to follwong confusion - your Adobe is not your home???? and people crack jokes on you??? And you r girlish .. Yuck!!! :p

    My god - I really had better impression of you.

    P.S: I am going to meet up my friends in mumbai... coming there for 2 weeks !! Yipeee...

    Good friends are friends for ever!!! Like that in the Suraj Bhatiya movies...its soo nice.

    So who's the girl?? Out with it young man!!!

    that was a very cute post arshat!! :)

    is the girl the same girl we were talking about? huh? bolo bolo :)

    On December 18, 2008 at 8:55 PM     
    aroop said...

    Akshay ka line dhapa ffrom Garam Masala and just translated it..

    "Jo hume pasand hai, usse hum nahi chahiye aur jisse hum pasand hai woh kisse chahiye.."

    one a more important note, who the %&%$ is the girl, that even I don't know about.. no offence to your best friends but i desereve to be part of this scene..

    Oh.. no no.. the joke is almost always on me.. :P

    No mate, tht harry met sally thing was purely coincidental.. Its thr only coz their names rhyme with harry n sally!


    hehehe.. darn! i messed up my impression! so much for blogging :P

    Welcome to Mumbai :)

    yeah, like in those Bharjatya movies :)

    nope, cant do it mate.. i aint got no guts! :P

    u girls want all the gossip dont u! :P

    chup bey.. I havent even seen tht movie.. and whts with u? u saw Garam Masala? really? :P

    On December 20, 2008 at 3:19 PM     
    Harish said...

    Harry met Sally? Lol..
    And shall i reveal the name dear? :P
    Seriously its been too good guys, we have met 'Sweety' just once in the last 10 years but we still carry on as if it was just yesterday that we met her..Cheers

    And just looked the way u got Sehwag and ur triple century into this..classic!!

    On December 21, 2008 at 3:14 PM     
    aroop said...

    See if you develop a taste for hollywood movies, it's not difficult for other to realise and people offer to buy tickets just so you'd go with them.. :D

    Even I miss my friends :( but you are right! calls or no calls, msgs or no msgs friends will remain friends forever!!! Nice post!

    weird but its got a kinda originality to it ...since most of the conversations are always left incomplete....hahaha her HER !!!classic...

    another of the repetitive kind is
    "u like her? matlab like "Like"her ???

    "Kaun hai bey !!???bol ne saleeeee!!!!"

    Saleeee so typical of engineering hahaha

    yeah.. sure seems like yesterday! :)

    ppl buy tickets for u? whr do u get such friends!!! :P
    somehow i end up buyin tickets for my frds!

    thanks :)
    yes.. friends will remain friends forever!

    Ah.. engineering!! those were the days! :P