Bus ride to Jaisalmer

This ride was so much fun tht I have to make a seperate post on it!
Its a good 42 kms from Jaisalmer to Sand dunes…This asked for a good 1.5 hrs of TP(timepass yaar,itna bhi nahi patah?)…TP ka doosra naam wud be Ameya Ghureye and Prasad Bhoite(tht wud be 2 naam)…But since they were very tired(god knows what were they doing last night..)they slept…and all zimmedari of TP fell on Suril Shah’s shoulders!

Aur suril ne Zimmedari nibhayi!He went biserk,marrying couples,asking people questions You would never ask!

I wouldnt like to name the couples who got married,but I would like to wish them a happily married life!(all marriages are made in heaven and are taped…All interested people can call the toll free no-1600-420-420-840)

Now the questions you would never ask…

Suril to Hiren:Jab Taxi no.9211 mein Nana Patekar ka scene chalu tha, tab aapka kya scene chalu tha???
Hiren(dumbfounded):Koi scene chalu nahi tha!(what else could he say?)

Suril to Vishal:AApki chamdigiri ka raaz kya hai?
Vishal:…–[$!p;….._.,Kandivali!!…….heh heh..ROTFL….lol…Shud have seen the look on vishals face!!priceless!

Suril himself had to face some very though questions himself(subject of another post)
All this videos are available to all SPCE students for free*
*conditions apply

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