Day 4

6:30 a.m. in the morning…The waiter knocks our door,I open the door(as usual…since Deepak,Chetan and Umesh used to sleep ghoda bech ke!) “Tea for you sir!”..Actually it is one damn good excuse to knock at someones door early in the morn and make sure he is alive and kickin(kickin the waiter in this case…)
Next followed the bathroom brawls…I won almost everytime.Along with the 4 guys in our room,Navin and Kunal too used to use our Bathrooms,with Hiren thrown in for good measure!Navin and Kunal were helpless coz,Siddhant took over 137 mins to get ready(statistics courtesy:navin)
I wondered how the girls managed?There were about 5 girls in one room!
Enough of Bathroom statistics…How about some sight-seeing…We visited the fort which was in the heart of the city…Actually there was an entire city inside the heart of the fort…We also saw the jain temple,the patwah haveli etc.
The best part was when we visited the Sand dunes in the evening…After having our nuts squashed in the camel ride,it was time for Gravity…And as most of us experienced,sand mein gravity deneka alag hi maza hai!
Also the biggest gravity in the history of SPCE happened here!I mean Navin’s gravity…About 20 guys(or was it 21?)decided to take on Navin!
Yeah 20 vs 1…Navin still managed to keep them away for about 35 mins…I pity Rajeev’s planning skills(Rajeev planned this one)…Rajeev,man you should learn from me how to give Navin gravity…The other night Chetan and me(just 2 guys) gave Navin the gravity of his life…Its another story tht we got gravity from him too…cant help if this is making Navin sound like a Hero(what to do….the guy has a insatiable desire to fight back)…

Btw,after the gravity,the sunset and all,we got hungry,Helped ourselves to Sev puri made by the organisers(Vanraj travels…You Rock!)….

Imagine eating sevpuri under the maroon sky which would soon turn black!The only source of light being the stars and your mobile phones!(The explaination would have been easy,had I been a poet…but I am not,not even close,so bear with me)

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