Day 2

The next morning we reached Jodhpur station…the air felt cleaner,Hitesh seemed sentier…We could see Mehrangarh from the station,it was beautiful…!The place seemed completely different from Mumbai(just like the organisers promised…).

What struct me the most were the Rajasthani autorickshaws…I mean the whole world uses Bajaj autos(from India to Nambia)…Then why would they use autorickshaws of a different make??(Engg kida got activated by mistake…sorry for tht!)

The other thing tht I noticed were the no. of military vehicles in the area(It takes 10 mins for Pakistani jets to reach Jodhpur).

We were assigned rooms as soon as we reached the hotel.We were assigned room no 210(if I remember correctly).By ‘we’ I mean Deepak,Chetan,Umesh Koli and myself…

Next followed sight-seeing…first up was Mehrangarh(of the Liz Hurley-Arun Nayar fame…They got married there just 2 days ago…).After some more sighting and seeing we returned to the Hotel…and thts where the fun began….We decided to spend the night talking in room no.304(Navin,kunal,hemant and siddhant’s room).thts when navin got a brainwave and we headed off to the terrace.After clicking a few weird pics and some usual TP we realised it was getting cold(it can get really cold at night)…back to the pavillion(room no. 304).What happened next cant be disscussed on this blog..All I can reveal is a lot of guys got gravity!Boys night out…what else did you expect? Day 2SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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