Day 3

Next day we set out for Jaisalmer…Umaid Bhavan was on the way.Its one of the most romantic places in India they say(who the heck are ‘they’?)…Btw,’they’ are damn correct…

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What we experinced on the way to Jaisalmer made the trip total paisa vasool…We were caught in a sand storm!!It was amazing…You couldnt even see the road…and if you put your hand outside the window,you would feel raindrops on your hand…I bet you thought it never rained in Rajasthan…not your mistake…its J P Dutta’s mistake,never did he show us any rain in his movies….Dutta-You Suck!

There was one more thing tht made the Trip paisa vasool…We had lunch at a Dhaba…The waiter would clean the table and within mins a new layer of sand would reappear on the table.I ingested 27 gms of sand(dont ask me how I measured it!) along with the food.Along with the food were Abhijit Deshpande’s brand of PJs(Parla Joke)..e.g.-”After lunch pls have some ‘desert‘(pointing to the sandy terrain)”..heh heh..
When we reached the Hotel(a 3-star),it was raining and it was cold…
The best part was tht there was a Swimming Pool there…cold weather not withstanding we jumped in with our Bermudas(no,not the country)and some of us like navin and bibin jumped in with their underwears(on).
To say tht the water was cold would be an understatement…The liquid in my statoreceptors(ears) frooze and I was unable to balance myself….I was so cold thtI had to spend the next two hours in the Blanket(actually two blankets) drinking tea and soup…
The least I can say is most of us were alive…Glad tht Deepak did not take the plunge,…we would have a lost a sincere student.
In the night,for a change,we slept…

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