Day 1:

We had to assemble at Bandra Terminus.
Our sir Prof.Bhiwapurkar and his wife accompanied us on the Trip.And if he thought it was going to be easy,he was mistaken…Within 10 mins of the journey,the first complaint reached him.There were passengers with us who did not like our way of giving GRAVITY

Now what is GRAVITY? You are not a true SPCE student if u dont know this term..
For the uninitiated,GRAVITY is when a number of guys throw themselves on a single guy(who is assumed to be the centre of gravity!).Gravity can be given to anyone in the group(except the Prof.)

Back to the topic,these co-passengers didnot like this gravity concept of ours and they complained to the prof.
We had to sobre down a bit…spent time playing Blackjack,7 hearts and mendi kot(What is it called in English?)

Then it was pet pooja time…Kunal had brought some 25 parathas…Deepak had brought 10…They were finishe off in 25+10=35 mins.
In the night after we had crossed Ahmedabad,uniformed personnel entered the Train..It was a sensitive area,we were told..we were asked to roll out our beds and sleep…But boys will be boys,we didnt really pay much heed to their demands,kept talking all night.That night,I remember,Hitesh was really scared!I guess he thought Pakistanis would enter the train and we would be held as PoW…lol…
Hitesh Joshi was the local boy(Jaipur is his native)..He got very senti after reaching Jodhpur station…”4 saal baad aa raha hoon yahan”…

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    Mendikot prolly "whist"

    Mendikot prolly "whist"